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Charge to the committees

...from the 1/28/09 letter from Peter Lange and Tallman Trask to Deans, Vice Provosts, Vice Presidents, and Directors announcing their establishment:

"The committees will not conduct assessment, but will rather assure the quality of all such assessment activities throughout Duke and contribute to their continuous improvement.  Each committee will be responsible for: 

  • Developing and communicating high level expectations for assessment activities appropriate to the varying settings in which it will occur across the institution.
  • Reviewing reports that document the assessment cycle for each unit and providing constructive feedback to ensure that all units meet appropriate expectations.
  • Encouraging the integration of assessment activities with strategic and budget planning and with departmental and individual performance reviews.
  • Providing information and recommendations to the Provost and Executive Vice President, via the Assessment Steering Committee.
                We will expect all units to document their assessment activities in WEAVEonline to allow appropriate monitoring of assessment activities and to make information about goals, outcomes and planned improvements readily available to appropriate university constituencies."
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