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An ABC Guide to Duke

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A&S:  Arts & Sciences
AAAC:  Alumni Admissions Advisory Committee
AAC: Academic Advising Center
AAHRPP:  Association for the Accreditation of Human Research Protection Programs
AAHVS: Art, Art History & Visual Studies
ABMT:  Adult Bone Marrow Transplant
ABN:  Advance Beneficiary Notification
ACA:  Affordable Care Act (federal law)
ACC:  Audit and Compliance Committee (of the Duke University Board of Trustees)
ACD:  Automated Call Distribution
ACE:  Analytics Center of Excellence (in DHTS)
ACE: The Rubenstein-Bing Student-Athlete Civic Engagement Program
ACH:  Automated Clearing House
ACIR:  Advisory Committee on Investment Responsibility
ACL:  Access Control List
ACNO:  Associate Chief Nursing Officer
ACO: Accountable Care Organization
ACOI:  Administrative Conflict of Interest
ACP:  Advance Care Planning
ADA:  Americans with Disabilities Act (federal law)
ADF:  American Dance Festival
ADFC:  Adjusted Direct Fixed Cost
ADG:  Administrative Development Group
ADIC:  Adjusted Indirect Variable Cost
ADJ:  Adjustment
ADP:  Automated Data Processing
ADR:  Alumni and Development Records
ADS:  Application and Database Services (in OIT)
AERI:  Albert Eye Research Institute (at Duke Eye Center)
AES:  IDX application Enhancement System
AFLG:  Academic Financial Leadership Group
AFS:  Andrew File System
AGI:  Adjusted Gross Income
AGM:  Advanced Grants Management
AHEAD: Academy for Health Professions Education and Academic Development
AHEC:  Area Health Education Centers
AMI: Arts of the Moving Image
AMP:  Award Management Portal
AMT:  Award Management Team
ANSI:  American National Standards Institute
AOC:  Administrator on Call
A/P:  Accounts Payable
APC:  Ambulatory Payment Classification
APCR:  Accounts Payable Check Request
APG:  Ambulatory Payment Groups
API:  Duke uses 3 API software systems:  Time & Attendance, Staffing & Scheduling, and EdTrack
APM:  Application Performance Management
APP:  Advanced Practice Provider
APT:  Appointments, Promotions and Tenure
A/R:  Accounts Receivable
ARC: Academic Resource Center
ARPM:  Assistant Research Practice Manager
ASA:  Accounting Systems Administration
ASC:  Ambulatory Surgery Center
ASCE:  American Society of Civil Engineers
ASCII:  American Standard Code for Information Interchange
ASIST:  Advancing Scientific Integrity, Services and Training (part of DOSI)
ASM:  Administrative Systems Management
ATB:  Aged Trial Balance
ATBS:  Aged Trial Balance Summary
ATC:  American Tobacco Campus  or  Athletic Trainer-Certified
AUTH:  Authorization
AVP:  Assistant Vice President  or  Associate Vice President
AVS:  Address Verification System
AWN:  Administrative Women's Network


B&B:  Biostatistics and Bioinformatics Department
B@D: Buy@Duke (Procurement program)
BAA:  Business Associate Agreement
BAN:  Billing Account Number
BAR:  IDX Billing & Accounts Receivable System
BBP:  Business-to-Business Procurement
BCBS:  Blue Cross/Blue Shield
BCN:  Batch Control Number
BERD:  Biostatistics, Epidemiology and Research Design (Methods Core)
BF:  Balance Forward
BFR:  Budget and Financial Reporting (code)
BIA:  Business Impact Analysis
BIAC:  Duke-UNC Brain Imaging and Analysis Center (in SOM)
BIRCWH:  Building Interdisciplinary Research Careers in Women's Health
BME:  Biomedical Engineering
BOD:  Board of Directors (of Duke University Health System)
BOM:  Board of Managers (of the Private Diagnostic Clinic, PLLC)
BOOST:  Building Opportunities and Overtures in Science and Technology
BOT:  Board of Trustees (of Duke University)
BPAs:  Best Practice Advisories
BPS:  Budget Planning and Simulation
BRPC:  BioRepository and Precision Pathology Center
BSC:  Balanced Scorecard


C/A:  Contractual Adjustment
C/AC:  Compliance/Audit Committee (of the DUHS Board of Directors)
CADCE:  Center for Arts, Digital Culture and Entrepreneurship at Duke
CAEAS:  Committee on Assessment of Educational and Administrative Support
CALS:  Continuous Acquisition and Life Cycle Support
CAMC:  Central Administration Management Center
CAMT: Campus Award Management Team
CAPA:  Corrective and Preventative Action
CAPS:  Counseling and Psychological Services
CARD:  Clinical Account Request Database
CARL:  Clinical and Research Laboratory Building
CAS:  Cost Accounting Standards
CBO:  Central Business Office
CBR:  Credit Balance Resolution
CBT:  Computer-Based Training
CBU:  Clinical Business Unit
CC:  Cost Center
CCE:  Common Clinical Editor (online grouper)
CCF:  Central Core Facility
CCFP:  Center for Child and Family Policy
CCITSE:  Common Criteria for Information Technology Security Evaluation
CCO:  Chief Compliance Officer
CCOW:  Common Clinical Object Working Group
CCU:  Coronary Care Unit
CCWS:  Common Clinical Workstation
CDA: Confidential Disclosure Agreement
CDE:  Clinical Data Editor (old online grouper)
CDE:  Common Desktop Environment
CDG:  Clinical Development Group
CDM:  Charge Description Master File
CDN:  Controlled Directory Number
CDO:  Care Delivery Organization
CDR:  Clinical Data Repository
CDS: Center for Documentary Studies or Clinical Decision Support
CDSS: Centralized Device Services and Support in OIT
CDVS: Center for Data and Visualization Sciences
CE: Continuing Education
CEE:  Civil and Environmental Engineering
CEINT:  Center for the Environmental Implications of NanoTechnology
CEN:  Clinical Encounter Number
CEO:  Chief Executive Officer
CEPD: Clinical Education and Professional Development
CFAR: Center for AIDS Research
CFL:  Center for Living
CFO:  Chief Financial Officer
CFR:  U.S. Code of Federal Regulations
CGGC:  Center on Globalization, Governance and Competitiveness
CGMT:  Campus Grants Management Team (in the Office of the Vice Provost for Research)
CHAMPUS:  Civilian Health and Medical Program of the Uniformed Services
CHAVI:  Center for HIV/AIDS Vaccine Immunology
CHAVI-ID:  Center for HIV/AIDS Vaccine Immunology and Immunogen Discovery
CHC:  Children's Health Center
CHG:  Center for Human Genetics
CHGV:  Center for Human Genome Variation
CHIO:  Chief Health Information Officer
CHPIR:  Center for Health Policy and Inequalities Research
CHRO:  Chief Human Resources Officer
CICS:  Customer Information Control System
CIEMAS:  Center for Interdisciplinary Engineering, Medicine and Applied Sciences (Fitzpatrick Center)
CIO:  Chief Information Officer
CIRIUS:  Hospital UB Claims Scrubber System
CISO:  Chief Information Security Officer
CIT:  Center for Instructional Technology -  also 'Learning Innovation'
CITI:  Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative (research-related training)
CLA:  Corporate License Agreement
CM:  Configuration Management
CMA:  Center for Multicultural Affairs (in Student Affairs)
CMAC: Computational Media, Arts & Cultures
CMB:  Cell and Molecular Biology
CMDB:  Configuration Management Database
CME:  Continuing Medical Education
CMIO:  Chief Medical Information Officer
CMO:  Chief Medical Officer
CMS:  Content Management System  or  Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (a federal entity)
CNO:  Chief Nursing Officer
COB:  Coordination of Benefits  or  Close of Business
COC:  Conflict of Commitment
CODA:  PDC General Ledger
COI:  Conflict of Interest
COIOC:  Conflict of Interest Oversight Committee
CON: Closeout Notifications System
CONTDAY:  Daily job that builds the CTL-M schedule for the following day
COO:  Chief Operating Officer
COPAY:  Co-payment
CPDC:  Community PDC
CPOE:  Computerized Physician Order Entry
CPPD:  Centralized Practice Plan Directors
CPT:  Current Procedural Terminology
CQMP:  Clinical Quality Monitoring Program  or  Clinical Quality Management Program
CRA:  Certified Research Administrator
CRC:  Clinical Research Coordinator
CRMS: Clinical Research Management System
CRSO: Clinical Research Support Office
CRTP:  Clinical Research Training Program
CRU:  Clinical Research Unit
CS:  Campus Services
CSFC: Clinical Science Faculty Council
CSGD:  Center for Sexual and Gender Diversity (in Student Affairs)
CSIRT:  Computer Security Incident Response Team
CSML: Course in Scientific Management & Leadership
CSO:  Chief Scientific Officer
CTBO: Clinical Trials Billing Office
CTIL:  Clinical Transplantation Immunology Laboratory
CTMS: Center for Theoretical and Mathematical Sciences
CTO:  Chief Technology Officer
CTQA:  Clinical Trials Quality Assurance
CTSA:  Duke Clinical and Translational Science Award
CTSI:  Duke Clinical and Translational Science Institute (in SOM)
CY:  Calendar Year


D@W:  Duke at Work (web portal)
D-M: Duke-Margolis Center for Health Policy
DAA: Duke Alumni Association
DACA:  Duke Office of Durham and Community Affairs (formerly DARA)
DADD:  Duke Alumni Development Database
DARA:  Durham and Regional Affairs (now Office of Durham and Community Affairs)
DART:  Duke Administrative Reform Team
DASC:  James E. Davis Ambulatory Surgical Center
DBA:  Database Administration
DCBSM:  Duke Center for Brain and Spine Metastasis
DCC:  Duke Cancer Center  or  Duke Connected Care  or  Durham Casualty Company  or  Department Communication Coordinators 
DCE:  Duke Clinical Enterprise
DCEC: Duke Children's Evaluation Center
DCI:  Duke Cancer Institute (in SOM)
DCID:  Duke Center for International Development 
DCHI:  Duke Center for Health Informatics
DCORE:  Duke Council on Race and Ethnicity
DCRC:  Duke Consultation and Referral Center
DCRI:  Duke Clinical Research Institute
DCRU:  Duke Clinical Research Unit
DDC: Doris Duke Center (of Sarah P. Duke Gardens)
DDS:  Duke Divinity School
DE:  Dictionary Entry  or  DukeEngage
DEC:  Duke Eye Center
DECO:  Duke Ethics and Compliance Office (merged with OIA in May 2015 to create OARC)
DEDUCE:  Duke Enterprise Data Unified Content Explorer
DEFT:  Duke Elder Family Training Center
DEMAN:  Duke Entertainment, Media & Arts Network
DEPCRU:  Duke Early Phase Clinical Research Unit (in DCRI)
DERI:  Duke Engineering Research Institute
dFac:  Duke Faculty (the Financial Services system of record for all faculty appointment history)
DFEC: Duke Financial Economics Center
DFELL:  Duke Free Electron Laser Laboratory
DFI:  Depository Financial Institutions
DFP:  Duke Faculty Practice
DGHI:  Duke Global Health Institute (in SOM)
DGIN:  Doing Good in the Neighborhood (program) 
DHAS:  Duke Health Access Services
DHCC: Duke Health Community Care
DHCH:  Duke HomeCare and Hospice
DHE:  Duke Health Enterprise
DHIS:  Duke Hospital Information System
DHHS:  (U.S.) Department of Health and Human Services
DHMDM:  Duke Health Mobile Device Manager
DHN:  Duke Heart Network
DHRC@FHI:  Duke Human Rights Center at the Franklin Humanities Institute
DHRT: Duke Human Research Training
DHTS:  Duke Health Technology Solutions
DHVI:  Duke Human Vaccine Institute (in SOM)
DHVI-P3:  Duke Human Vaccine Institute Pandemic Prevention Program
DHW:  Duke Health and Well-being
DIBS:  Duke Institute for Brain Sciences (in SOM)
DICON:  Duke Infection Control Outreach Network
DIHI:  Duke Institute for Health Innovation (in SOM)
DISC: Duke Islamic Studies Center
DISCC:  Duke Information System for Cardiovascular Care
DISM:  Duke Initiative on Survey Methodology (in SSRI)
DLAR:  Division of Laboratory Animal Resources
DLC:  Duke Lemur Center
DLDP:  Drea Lab Data Portal
DLP:  Data Loss Prevention
DMAS:  Duke Medicine Access Services
DMGSC:  Duke Medicine Global Support Corporation
DMP:  Duke Medicine Pavilion
DMPI:  Duke Molecular Physiology Institute (in SOM)
DMRSC:  Duke Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy Center
DN:  Duke North (hospital)
DNE:  Direct Note Entry
DNS:  Duke Network Services
DOB:  Date of Birth
DOC:  Dean on Call
DOCR:  Duke Office of Clinical Research
DOM: Department of Medicine
DON:  Duke Oncology Network
DORI:  Duke Office of Research Initiatives
DOS:  Date of Service
DOSI:  Duke Office of Scientific Integrity (created in 2019 by merger of RIO and ASIST)
DP: Duke Performances
DPAF:  Duke Proposal Approval Form
DPC:  Duke Primary Care
DPH:  Duke Prospective Health
DPIA:  Data Protection Impact Assessment
DRA:  Data Risk Assessment
DRaH:  Duke Raleigh Hospital (also referred to as DHRH)
DRAL:  Duke Raleigh Hospital
DRH: Duke Regional Hospital (formerly Durham Regional Hospital)
DS:  Duke South (clinics)
DSA:  Data Security Agreement  or  Data Security Assessment
DSCR:  Duke Shared Cluster Resource (Duke's resource for high performance research computing)
DSG:  Duke Student Government
DSM:  Decision Support Module
DSM-V:  Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, 5th edition (pub. May 2013)
DSMP:  Data and Safety Monitoring Plan
DSS:  Decision Support System
DSSI:  Duke Sports Sciences Institute
DTA: Data Transfer Agreements
DTB:  Detailed Trial Balance
DTEC: Duke Triangle Endoscopy Center
DTMI:  Duke Translational Medicine Institute (replaced by CTSI in Aug. 2016)
DTO:  Duke Telehealth Office
DTRI:  Duke Translational Research Institute
DTS:  Duke Temporary Service
DU:  Duke University
DUAA:  Duke University Athletics Association
DUAP:  Duke University Affiliated Physicians
DUCIGS: Duke University Center for International and Global Studies
DUE:  Department of Undergraduate Education
DUEI:  Duke University Energy Initiative
DUFCU:  Duke University Federal Credit Union
DUH:  Duke University Hospital
DUHS:  Duke University Health System
DUID:  Duke Unique Identification (number)
DUL:  Duke University Libraries
DUMAC, Inc:  Investment organization controlled by Duke University (formerly known as Duke University Management Company)
DUMC:  Duke University Medical Center
DUMCLA: Duke University Medical Center Library & Archives
DUML:  Duke University Marine Lab (in Beaufort, NC)
DUPD:  Duke University Police Department
DuPRI:  Duke Population Research Institute
DUSOM:  Duke University School of Medicine (also referred to as SOM)
DUSON:  Duke University School of Nursing (also referred to as SON)
DVS:  Duke Visa Services
DWS:  Duke Web Services 


E&O:  Engineering and Operations
EAP:  Employee Assistance Program
eAPCR:  Electronic Accounts Payable Check Request
EBAT:  Employee Behavior Assessment Team
ECE: Electrical and Computer Engineering
ECRT:  Effort Certification and Reporting Technology
ED:  Emergency Department
EDC:  Electronic Data Capture
EDI:  Electronic Data Interchange
EDM:  Electronic Document Management
EFT:  Electronic Funds Transfer
eGRC:  Enterprise Governance, Risk and Compliance
EHHCC:  Enhanced Home Health COVID Care (Duke Home Health program at DUH)
EHR:  Electronic Health Record
EI: Energy Initiative
eIRB:  Electronic Institutional Review Board
EJR:  Expected Job Results
EMAIL:  Electronic Mail
EMC:  Executive Management Committee
EMR:  Electronic Medical Record
EOB:  Explanation of Benefits
EOC:  DUHS Enterprise Operations Council
EOHW:  Employee Occupational Health and Wellness
ePHI:  Electronic Protected Health Information (sometimes referred to as Electronic Patient Health Information)
EPIC:  Evidence-based Practice Implementation Center; the company that created Maestro Care
eRA:  Electronic Research Administration
ERA:  Electronic Remittance Advice (payment notification)
ERM:  Enterprise Risk Management
ERN:  Electronic Research Notebooks
EROC:  Executive Research Oversight Committee
ERP:  Employees' Retirement Plan
ESS:  Enterprise System Support
ET&R:  Employee Travel & Reimbursement
EU GDPR:  European Union General Data Protection Regulation (implemented May 2018)
EULA:  End-User License Agreement
EVP:  Executive Vice President
EWB:  Engineers Without Borders 
EWH:  Engineering World Health


F&A:  Facilities and Administrative Costs
F2F:  Face-to-Face
FAM:  Financial Assessment and Management
FAQ:  Frequently Asked Questions
FC:  Financial Class (Duke Hospital)
FCC:  Financial Care Counselor
FCIEMAS:  Fitzpatrick Center for Interdisciplinary Engineering, Medicine and Applied Sciences (a/k/a CIEMAS or Fitzpatrick Building)
FCJL: Freeman Center for Jewish Life
FCS:  Financial Counseling Status
FDA:  U.S. Food and Drug Administration
FERPA:  Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act 
FHI:  Franklin Humanities Institute
FIFO:  First In, First Out (financial acronym; common cash term)
FIP:  Fitzpatrick Institute for Photonics (interdisciplinary institute in Pratt School of Engineering that studies light)
FIR:  Faculty in Residence
FMCH:  Family Medicine and Community Health
FMD:  Facilities Management Department
FMLA:  Family Medical Leave Act
FPDC: Facilities Design, Planning, and Construction
FPM:  Financial Practice Manager
FPO:  Facilities Planning and Operations
FRPM:  Financial Research Practice Manager
FSC:  Financial Status Classification
FTP:  File Transfer Protocol
F/U:  Follow Up
FY:  Fiscal Year
FYE:  Fiscal Year-End
FYTD:  Fiscal Year-to-Date


GAP:  General Accounting Procedures
GCB:  Center for Genomic and Computational Biology (in SOM)
GCC:  General Computer Controls
GCC: Graduate Communications Center
GCIP: Graduate Communications and Intercultural Programs
GCP:  Good Clinical Practices
GDPR:  General Data Protection Regulation (European Union implemented May 2018)
GEO: Global Education Office
GIM: General Internal Medicine (Division in the DOM) 
G/L:  Duke General Ledger System
GLP:  Good Laboratory Practices
GLS: Graduate Liberal Studies
GME:  Graduate Medical Education
GMP:  Good Manufacturing Practices
GMS:  Graduate Medical School
GPSC:  Graduate & Professional Student Council
GRID:  Duke Center on Genomics, Race, Identity and Difference (in SSRI)
GSA:  Graduate Student Affairs
GSAAC:  Graduate Student Affairs Advisory Committee
GSRC:  Genome Science Research Center
GUI:  Graphical User Interface
GVPI:  Gender Violence Prevention & Intervention (in Student Affairs)


HAL:  Humans and Autonomy Lab (in Pratt)
HBC:  Hospital-based Clinic
HCC: Hierarchical Condition Categories
HCFA:  Health Care Financing Administration
HCPCS:  HCFA Common Procedure Coding System
HDM:  Health Data Maintenance (3M Coding System)
HDS:  Health Data Systems (Per-Se)
HICN:  Health Insurance Claim Number
HIPAA:  Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act
HITECH:  Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health Act
HL7:  Health Level 7 Interface Protocol
HLLAPI:  High-Level Language Application Programming Interface
HMO:  Health Maintenance Organization
HPA: Health Profession Advising
HPPI:  Siemens Hospital Profile
HPTS:  High Performance Transaction System
HR:  Human Resources
HRA:  Health Risk Assessment
HRIC:  Human Resource Information Center
HRL:  Housing and Residence Life
HRPP:  Human Research Protection Program
HSP:  Human Subjects Protection
HSRC:  Human Subject Research Compliance
HTML:  Hypertext Markup Language
HTTP:  Hypertext Transfer Protocol
HVP:  Healthcare Vertical Portal
HWPER:  Health, Wellness, Physical Education and Recreation
Hyland Onbase:  Workflow Management System


IACUC:  Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee
IAM:  Identity and Access Management
IBC:  Institutional BioSafety Committee
ICA:  Insurance Counseling Assistance (program)
ICC:  Independent Contractor Checklist
ICD-10:  International Statistical Classification of Diseases and Related Health Problems, 10th Revision
ICF:  Intermediate Care Facility
ICOIC:  Institutional Conflict of Interest Committee
ICS:  Investigational Chemotherapy Services
IDE:  Investigational Device Exemption
IdM:  Identity Management
IDS:  Investigational Drug Service
IEP:  Initial Enrollment Period
IEQ:  Initial Enrollment Questionnaire
IER:  Intermediary Expenditure Report
IFU:  Instructions for Use
IGSP:  Institute for Genome Sciences and Policy
IHI:  Institute for Healthcare Improvement
IIHI:  Individually Identifiable Health Information
IIT:  Investigator-Initiated Trial
IMaCS:  Innovative Managed Care Systems, Inc.
iMedRIS:  The company that created iRIS
IND:  Investigational New Drug 
IPA: Intergovernmental Personnel Act
IPC:  International Patient Center
IPE:  Interprofessional Education building (SON & Ortho)
IPEC:  Duke Health Center for Interprofessional Education and Care (SOM & SON)  or  Interprofessional Education Collaborative (national group)
IPRP:  Interim Payment Review Program
IR2:  Incident Response and Issue Resolution (a DOSI team)
IRB:  Institutional Review Board
iRIS:  Integrated Research Information Software (Duke Health IRB transitioned to this system)
IS:  Information systems  or  International Studies  or  Interdisciplinary Studies
ISDS:  Institute of Statistics and Decision Sciences (renamed: Department of Statistical Science)
ISO:  Information Security Office (Duke entity)
ISOP:  Information Security Operations Plan
ISS: Information Science + Studies
ISSC:  Information Security Steering Committee 
IT:  Information technology
ITAC:  Information Technology Advisory Council
ITOM:  Information Technology Operations Management (a team in OIT)
ITSO:  Information Technology Security Office
IVR:  Interactive Voice Response


JAQ:  Job Assessment Questionnaire
JCAHO:  Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations
JIT:  Just in Time
JLD: Jewish Life at Duke
JOA:  Joint Operating Agreement
JV:  Journal Voucher 


K:  Krzyzewski (Coach)
KIE:  Kenan Institute for Ethics
KPI:  Key Performance Indicator(s)


L&OD:  Learning & Organization Development
LAN:  Local Area Network
LDOC:  Last Day of Classes
LE@DD:  Leadership Education at Duke Divinity
LMS:  Learning Management System
LOA:  Letter of Agreement
LOC:  Letter of Credit 
LSC:  Library Service Center
LSRC:  Levine Science Research Center


MACC:  Multi-Specialty Ambulatory Care Center
MAG:  Mobile App Gateway
MALS: Master of Arts in Liberal Studies (Program now called Graduate Liberal Studies)
MCEC:  Medical Center Executive Committee
MC:  Maestro Care
MC3:  The Marcus Center for Cellular Cures (in SOM)
MCEC:  Medical Center Executive Committee
MCO:  Managed Care Organization
MCRC:  Maestro Care Research Concierge
MDC:  Medicaid
MDE:  MDeverywhere
MDR:  Medicare
MECA:  Medical Education Capture and Access
MEDB:  Medicare Part B
MEDITECH:  Medical Information Technology, Inc.
MELIG:  Medicaid Eligibility Lookup Program
MEMS: Mechanical Engineering and Materials Science
MEng: Master of Engineering
MFA:  Multi-factor Authentication
MLWC: Mary Lou Williams Center for Black Culture
MMCi:  Master of Management in Clinical Informatics
MNMC:  Medicine and Nursing Management Center
MOB:  Medical Office Building
MOU:  Memo of Understanding
MRC:  Multicultural Resource Center
MRN:  Medical Record Number  or  myRESEARCHnavigators (team)
MRO: Misconduct Review Officer
MRSEC:  Materials Research Engineering and Science Center
MSCT: Manual Salary Cost Transfer
MSP:  Medicare Secondary Payer
MSPQ:  Medicare Secondary Payer Questions
MSRB:  Medical Sciences Research Building
MSSP: Medicare Shared Savings Program
MTA:  Material(s) Transfer Agreement
MTD:  Month-to-Date
MUMPS:  Massachusetts (General Hospital) Utility Multi-Programming System
MYF:  Multi-Year Funded (sponsored projects)


NAC:  Network Access Controls
NCAG:  New Creation Arts Group (Divinity School)
NCE:  No-Cost Extension
NCS: Nationally Competitive Scholarships (a division of OUSF)
NDW:  Novius Data Warehouse
NEIC:  National Electronic Information Clearinghouse
NEMB:  Notice of Exclusion for Medicare Benefits
NHID:  National Healthcare Identifier
NIH:  National Institutes of Health
NMA:  Nasher Museum of Arts
NOA:  Notice of Admission
NP:  Nurse Practitioner
NPRI: (The Jean and George Brumley Jr.) Neonatal Perinatal Research Institute
NSF:  National Science Foundation
NSO:  New Staff Orientation
NSOE:  Nicholas School of the Environment
NUBC:  National Uniform Billing Committee
NUS:  National University of Singapore (Duke & NUS have a joint Graduate Medical School) 


OA:  Other Adjustment
OARC:  Office of Audit, Risk and Compliance
OARQ:  Office of Regulatory Affairs and Quality
OASIS:  Office of Academic Solutions and Information Systems (formerly ORI)
OAWA:  Office of Animal Welfare Assurance
OCRC:  Office of Corporate Research Collaboration (now Office of Research Contracts)
OCRD:  Office of Campus Research Development
OCS:  Office of Communication Services
OE:  Open Enrollment
OERAF: Office of Education for Research Administration and Finance
OESO:  Occupational and Environmental Safety Office
OIA:  Office of Internal Audits (merged with DECO in May 2015 to create OARC)
OIE:  Office for Institutional Equity
OIPM:  Office of Interdisciplinary Program Management
OIT:  Office of Information Technology
OLC:  DUHS Operations Leadership Committee
ONC:  Office of News & Communications
OnCore:  Online Collaborative Research Environment
OO:  Oversight Organization
OON:  Out of Network
OPSD:  Office of Physician-Scientist Development
OPAA: Office of Post Award Administration
OPPAP:  Office for the Promotion of Physician Assistant Practice (created in 2019 in the PA Division, Dept of Family Medicine & Community Health)
OPS:  Office of Postdoctoral Services
ORA:  Office of Research Administration (Medical Center)
ORAQ:  Office of Regulatory Affairs and Quality
ORC:  Office of Research Contracts
ORI:  Office of Research Informatics (name changed to OASIS Sept. 2019)
ORL:  Operating Room Liaison
ORS:  Office of Research Support (Campus)
OSCP:  Other Support Current and Pending
OSCCS:  Office of Student Conduct and Community Standards (in Student Affairs)
OSF:  Open Science Framework
OSP:  Office of Sponsored Programs (name changed to PAFM)
OUSF: Office of University Scholars & Fellows
OVPFA:  Office of the Vice Provost for Faculty Advancement
OVPR:  Office of the Vice Provost for Research
OWA:  Outlook Web App


P&P:  Pay and Performance
P-Card:  Duke's Procurement Card
PA:  Patient Accounting
PA-C or PAC:  Physician Assistant-Certified
PACE:  Protected Analytic Computing Environment
PAFM:  Post-Award Financial Management office (formerly OSP)
PAM:  Privileged Access (or Account) Management
PAMC:  Provost Area Management Center
PAR:  Periodic Automatic Replenishment
PARISS:  Program for Advanced Research in the Social Sciences
PAS:  Personal Assistance Service  or  Provost Academic Support
PASSPORT:  Eligibility System
PBMT:  Pediatric Bone Marrow Transplant
PCN:  Patient Control Number
PCOBA:  President's Council on Black Affairs
PCP:  Primary Care Physician
PCS:  Paperless Collection System
PDA:  Personal Digital Assistant
PDC:  Private Diagnostic Clinic, PLLC
PDF:  Portable Document Format
PDI:  Professional Development Institute
PDSS:  Professional Development Seminar Series
PEOT:  Patient Experience Oversight Team
PEP:  Performance Evaluation and Planning form
PERQS:  Duke's Employee Discount Program
PFF:  Preparing Future Faculty
PGP:  Pretty Good Privacy
PHI:  Protected Health Information (sometimes referred to as Patient Health Information)
PHMO:  Population Health Management Office
PI:  Principal Investigator
PIA:  Privacy Impact Assessment
PII:  Personally Identifiable Information
PIN:  Personal Identification Number
PLB:  Provider Level Adjustment on Payor Remittances
PM:  Siemens' Patient Management (Invision)
PMI:  Protected Medical Information
POE:  Physician Order Entry
PORT:  PDC Outcomes Research Team
POS:  Point of Service
PPO:  Preferred Provider Organization
PPOS:  Passport OneSource Eligibility System
PRA:  Privacy Risk Assessment
PRCU:  Prolonged Respiratory Care Unit
PRDN:  Protected Research Data Network
PRINS:  Profile Insurance Master
PRM:  Payor Responsibility Master File
PRMO:  Patient Revenue Management Organization
PRTBTC:  Preston Robert Tisch Brain Tumor Center (in DUH)
PSA:  Patient Service Associate  or  Personal Service Agreement
PSCQ:  Patient Safety and Clinical Quality
PSSC:  DHTS Privacy Security Steering Committee
PST:  Patient Status Transfer (Invision)
PTO:  Paid Time Off
PTS:  Parking and Transportation Services
PWIM:  Program for Women in Internal Medicine


QAR:  Quality Assessment Review
QMF:  Query Management Facility
QRP:  Questionable Research Practice


R/3:  SAP System (real-time, 3-tier)
R&R:  Rewards and Recognition (a division of Duke HR)
RA:  Remittance Advice  or  Research Assistant  or  Resident Assistant
RAA:  Research Administration Academy
RACI:  Research Administration Continuous Improvement
RAD:  Research Application Development (a team within ORI)
RAI:  Research Administration Institute
RAMP:  Research Administration Mentoring Program
RAS:  Report Automation System
RASR: Research Administration Support Resource (SOM grants)
RC:  Residence Coordinator
RCAC:  Research Computing Advisory Council
RCC:  Research Computing Center (Telcom Building)  or  Research Costing Compliance
RCH:  Raleigh Community Hospital
RCOC:  Residence Coordinator on Call
RCR:  Responsible Conduct of Research (Graduate School degree requirement)
RCSC:  Risk and Compliance Steering Committee
RDR:  Research Data Repository
RDSP:  Research Data Storage Plan  or  Research Data Security Plan
REACH (Equity Center):  Duke Center for Research to Advance Health Equity  
REDCap:  Research Electronic Data Capture (web application)
REG:  Registration
REMEDY:  Recovered Medical Equipment for the Developing World
REQ:  Required
RIO:  Research Integrity Office (eff 2019, part of DOSI)
RLHS:  Resident Life and Housing Services
RMT:  Research Management Team
RLSP: Robertson Scholars Leadership Program
ROD:  Record of Destruction
ROI:  Return on Investment
RPM:  Research Practice Manager
RPPR:  Research Performance Progress Report
RQMP:  Research Quality Management Program
RTF:  Rich Text Format
RTIF:  Return Transaction Interface Facility


SaaS:  Software as a Service
SAE:  Serious Adverse Event (in research)
SAM:  Service Access Manager
SAP:  Duke's payroll and financial system
SBAR:  Situation-Background-Assessment-Recommendation
SBIR: Small Business Innovation Research 
SBR:  Site-Based Research
SCAC:  Scalable Computing Advisory Committee (a committee of the RCAC)
SCAP:  Scientific Culture and Accountability Plan
SCHED: IDX Appointment Scheduling System
SCHIP:  State Children's Health Insurance Program
SDAL:  Signature and Delegation of Authority Log
SEI:  Sensitive Electronic Information
SEPC: Special Events Planning Council (Duke's Special Event Planners)
SHAPE:  Sexual Harassment and Assault Prevention and Education
SHC:  Strength, Hope, and Caring program
SIP:  Shelter in Place
SIQEM:  SSRI Initiative on Qualitative, Ethnographic and Mixed-Methods Research
SIR:  Security Incident Response
SISS:  Student Information Services and Systems
SLAPLAB:  Science, Law and Policy Lab
SLG:  Senior Leadership Group  OR  Security Liaisons Group  OR  Scientific Leadership Group  OR  Selective Living Groups
SLR:  Staff and Labor Relations (a division of Duke HR)
SMIF:  Shared Materials Instrumentation Facility
SMS:  Siemens Medical Solutions
SMTP:  Simple Mail Transfer Protocol
SNAP:  Streamlined Noncompeting Award Process
SOC:  Security Operations Center
SOD:  Segregation of Duties
SOM:  School of Medicine
SON:  School of Nursing
SORF:  Surgical Oncology Research Facility
SOT: Solid Organ Transplant
SOuRCE:  Survey of Organizational Research Climate
SPARC:  Sponsored Programs Assurance and Research Compliance (an OARC team)
SPD:  Sterile Processing Department
SPDG:  Sarah P. Duke Gardens
SPIRE:  (Duke) STEM Pathways for Inclusion, Readiness and Excellence
SPM:  A Microsystems, Inc. system used in SPD
SPOC:  Single Point of Contact
SPS:  Sponsored Projects System
SQAP:  Scientific Quality Assurance Plan
SRA: Sponsored Research Agreement
SRS:  Safety Reporting System
SSN:  Social Security Number
SSO:  Single Sign-On
SSPACISS:  Statistical Signal Processing Applied to Cochlear Implants and Subsurface Sensing
SSPP:  Sanford School of Public Policy
SSRI:  Social Science Research Institute
STAR:  Space Tracking and Reporting 
STEM:  Science, Technology, Engineering & Math
STTR: Small Business Technology Transfer


TBOC: Trinity Board of Visitors
TBS:  Treasury Billing Services
TCA&S: Trinity College of Arts & Science
TCE: Transmission Control and Errors (Siemens daily report of errors from batch processing)
TCO:  Total Cost of Ownership
TERMID:  Terminal ID
TES:  Transaction Editing System
TGS:  The Graduate School
TIN:  Tax Identification Number
TIP:  Talent Identification Program
TMAD:  This Month at Duke
TOF:  Transforming Our Future (DUHS initiative)
TOS:  Type of Service
TQMS:  Total Quality Management System
TRHT:  Duke Truth, Racial Healing and Transformation Campus Center
TRLN: Triangle Research Libraries Network (TRLN) – Duke, NCCU, NCSU, UNC
TSCHE:  (The Mary Duke Biddle) Trent Semans Center for Health Education
TTS:  Trinity Technology Services
TUNL:  Triangle Universities Nuclear Laboratory 


UB:  Uniform Bill
UB92:  Uniform Billing Code of 1992
UC:  Unapplied Cash
UCAE: University Center Activities and Events
UDV: University Development
UG:  Uniform Guidance (officially "Uniform Administrative Requirements, Cost Principles, and Audit Requirements for Federal Awards" issued by the U.S. Office of Management & Budget)
UIC:  University Institutes and Centers:
UPEF: Undergraduate Program Enhancement Fund
UPGG:  University Program in Genetics and Genomics
UPIN:  Universal Physician Identification Number
UPIRTSO:  Unanticipated Problems Involving Risks to Subjects or Others (in clinical research)
URS:  Undergraduate Research Support
USP:  University Scholars Program


VA:  Veterans' Affairs
VBA:  Visual Basic for Applications
VBPI:  Value-Based Performance Improvement
VC:  Vice Chancellor  or  Vice Chair
VIP:  Vertical Integration Program
VOIP:  Voice Over Internet Protocol (Duke phones)
VP:  Vice President  or  Vice Provost
VPN:  Virtual Private Network


WAN:  Wide Area Network
WaSH-AID:  (Duke Center for) Water, Sanitation, Hygiene and Infectious Disease
W@D:  Working@Duke
WBSE:  Work Breakdown Structure Elements
WC:  Workers' Compensation
WCS:  Work Culture Survey
WF:  Workflow
WIN:  Women's Impact Network
WWW:  World Wide Web


XC/TF:  Cross-Country and Track & Field


YTD:  Year-to-Date



1:1   One-on-One
25Live:  Duke Event Management scheduling system
277:  Specific format of Health Care Claims Notification
835:  A specific format of an Electronic Remittance Advice (payment notification)
837:  Specific format of Health Care Claims Transaction Set
1040:  A specific format of an Electronic Remittance Advice (payment notification)
4010:  Specific format of an Electronic Remittance Advice

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