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Instructors and Organizers




Quentin Atkinson: Oxford University. Psychology and evolutionary biology; evolution of religion and language; intergroup cooperation; human expansion from Africa. quentin.atkinson@anthro.ox.ac.uk




Natalie Cooper: Yale University. The evolution of environmental niches and geographic range size in terrestrial vertebrates. natalie.cooper@yale.edu




Laura Fortunato: Santa Fe Institute. The evolution of human social organization. fortunato@santafe.edu




Kate Jones: Institute of Zoology. The evolution of echolocation; diversification and extinction of mammals; disease macroecology. kate.jones@ioz.ac.uk



Jason Kamilar: Yale University. Evolutionary approaches to behavior and ecology, diversity of primate pelage coloration and visual ecology, biogeography and macroecology, conservation biology, quantitative methods. jason.kamilar@yale.edu



Roger Mundry: Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology. roger_mundry@eva.mpg.de

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Charlie Nunn: Harvard University. Comparative methods, disease ecology, and behavior. cnunn@oeb.harvard.edu



Joanna Rifkin: Harvard University. Research assistant to Charlie Nunn. Evolution in natural populations; comparative methods; genetics of adaptation; cephalopods. jrifkin@fas.harvard.edu 



Kari Allen: Duke University. Postcranial functional morphology, anthropoid evolution. kari.allen@duke.edu


Robert Barton: Durham University. Evolutionary ecology and adaptations of primates, with a particular focus on brain and behaviour. r.a.barton@durham.ac.uk

Annie Bissonnette: University of Zurich. Evolution of social behavior; socioecological basis of male-male social relationships a.bissonnette@aim.uzh.ch

Jessica Brinkworth: City University of New York. Host/pathogen coevolution, cell-signaling. jfbrinkworth@gmail.com

Benjamin Campbell: University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee. Human biology; life history; hormones, genes, brain and behavior; Africa; nomads. campbelb@uwm.edu

Thomas Claverie: University of Massachusetts, Amherst. Evolution of morphological diversity in crustaceans (including sea monkeys). claverie@bio.umass.edu



Lynn Copes: Arizona State University. Cranial vault morphology in fossil hominins; scaling and allometry; experimental models for human evolution; skeletal system development; phenotypic plasticity; education. lcopes@asu.edu

Dan Eisenberg: Northwestern University. Recent adaptive human evolution; life history theory; evolutionary biology of telomeres; allometric scaling of cholesterol levels across species. dtae@dtae.net


Jan Gogarten: Stonybrook University. Behavioral ecology and disease; conservation and sustainability; evolution of communication; socioecology; evolution of sociality; animal behavior. jan.gogarten@gmail.com

Randi Griffin: Harvard University. Phylogenetics, disease ecology and primate social networks. rgriff23@gmail.com 


Chris Kirk: University of Texas, Austin (he is the one wearing a hat). Primate adaptations and evolution. eckirk@mail.utexas.edu

Vishnupriya Kolipakam: Max Planck Institute. Genetics, evolution, anthropology and language. vishnupriya.kolipakam@mpi.nl


Nina Kottenhagen: Max Planck Institute. Correlations between genetics and languages. nina_kottenhagen@eva.mpg.de

Amanda Lobell: Harvard University. Molecular evolution; the evolution of the primate placenta. alobell@oeb.harvard.edu


Stephanie Maiolino: Stony Brook University. Primate evolution; functional morphology. smaiolin@ic.sunysb.edu

Katherine McAuliffe: Harvard University. Evolution and development of cooperation. mcauliff@fas.harvard.edu


Terry Ritzman: Arizona State University. Primate cranial morphology; archaeology. tritzman@asu.edu


Neil Roach: Harvard University. Functional morphology of humans. nroach@oeb.harvard.edu

Jeroen Smaers: University College London. Evolution of brain and behavior; comparative methodology. jbs32@cam.ac.uk

Janneke van Woerden: University of Zurich. The influence of seasonality on brain size. j.vanwoerden@aim.uzh.ch

Annemarie Verkerk: Max Planck Institute. Linguistic typology; evolution. annemarie.verkerk@mpi.nl

Steven Worthington: New York University. Craniodental morphology; the evolution of anthropoid primates; homoplasy across mammalian taxa; the theory and method of phylogenetic inference. steven.worthington@nyu.edu

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