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Work Hours

  • Work hours include research time, administrative work, work-related meetings and work-related seminars.  Some lunches and other social events during the day with coworkers, if they provide opportunities for discussing work and research, are also acceptable.  
  • Work hours do not include gym workouts, social breaks with friends/pets, surfing the web, reading non-science materials online, non-work related activities (e.g., shopping for food for a department member’s personal social event).  If time is used for these activities during the workday, then the workday should be extended to account for that lost work time.  

  • During fieldwork time periods, it is difficult to follow the standard model 40 hours/week, 9-5 job.  Before and during fieldwork, it will be necessary to establish clear expectations for work hours and time off while in the field.  If the Research Assistant works more than 40 hours per week in fieldwork, discuss with Charlie how to recoup those lost days off.

Lab Manager

  • Primary duties of the lab manager are:
    • Operate a smoothly running research facility.  This includes maintaining computers, keeping order in the lab, arranging lab events (e.g., lab meetings), providing some assistance to lab members for their research, ordering materials, handling outreach activities, helping with writing/proof-reading of manuscripts (including bibliographies), doing library research, maintaining databases, supervising undergraduates as needed/wanted, and performing other odd jobs.

    • Organize the lab meeting schedule, and help Charlie keep track of communicating upcoming events.
    • Assist Charlie with research while also developing new skills and conceptual understanding of research areas close to your own interests. 

    • It is not the responsibility of the lab manager to clean the lab.  However, it is their responsibility to organize the lab members to maintain a clean and organized environment.  Some thing to keep track of, and organizing as needed:  periodic tidying of the lab, wiping down surfaces, clean out food in fridge, keep the sink and nearby surfaces clean, clear and clean the conference table, and move recycling to the hallway disposal site.
  • Computer Care:

    • Check if system software (Windows, Matlab, Endnote, etc..) updates installed. Most of these will be automatically updated. 
    • Keep track of users and remove those who are no longer in the lab (after informing them that their materials will be removed and offering to share them if needed).

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