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Day 1:

Felsenstein, J. 1985. Phylogenies and the Comparative Method. The American Naturalist 125(1):1:15.



Day 2:




Day 1:

Blomberg, S.P., T. Garland, Jr., and A. Ives. 2003. Testing for phylogenetic signal in comparative data: behavioral traits are more labile. Evolution, 57(4):717–745



Freckleton, R., P. Harvey and M. Pagel. 2002. Phylogenetic analysis and comparative data: a test and review of evidence. The American Naturalist 160(6):712-726.


Freckleton, R. 2009. The seven deadly sins of comparative analysis. Journal of Evolutionary Biology 22:1367-1375. 




Day 2:


Butler, M., and A. King. 2004. Phylogenetic Comparative Analysis: A Modeling Approach for Adaptive Evolutionvol. The American Naturalist 64(6)



Harmon et al. 2010. Early bursts of body size and shape evolution are rare in comparative data. Evolution 64-8: 2385–2396



Lab materials

Handout (Day 1 - updated)


Handout (Day 2 - updated)
















Additional problems and readings posted!

Problem Set_Extras_03-05-11.doc



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