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Please follow these instructions to prepare your computer for the workshop!

You will have a more productive experience at the workshop if you following these instructions...

1) Make sure your computer has a spreadsheet program like Microsoft Excel, Apple's Numbers, Google Spreadsheet, or OpenOffice.
2) Download R statistical computing software. Ideally, it should be installed in a folder to which you have write access with your normal user account. If you already have R, be sure you have updated to the latest version.
3) To prepare to use R, all users should know how to type the following characters with their keyboard: forward-slash, back-slash, tilde, hat, and pipe (i.e., /, \, ~, ^, |). Take a moment to become familiar with these terms and keys on your keyboard.
4) Install some of the necessary R packages - instructions can be found here, give it a try with the packages listed (more will be needed during the workshop).
5) In addition, you should know how to create and access a directory on your computer which is ideally not very deep in the file structure, i.e., not something like 'D:\Documents and Settings\roger_mundry\My Documents\MyPictures', but something like 'D:/anthrotree_workshop').
6) Install a text editor. If you have one you like, fine. On a Mac, the R text editor is fine, but you might consider also becoming familiar with the TextEdit program that is installed, or consider Aquamacs (http://aquamacs.org/). Windows users should consider installing Notepad++ (http://notepad-plus-plus.org/).  Linux users should consider Gedit with the plugin Rgedit (avalaible at http://rgedit.sourceforge.net/).
7) Make sure you have an up-to-date version of Java: http://java.com/en/download/installed.jsp
8) Download the program FigTree: http://tree.bio.ed.ac.uk/software/figtree/
9) If you are coming from overseas and have a non-US configured computer, please read here.
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