This wiki contains supporting information for the book The Comparative Method in Evolutionary Anthropology and Biology by Charles Nunn. In these pages you will find instructions for implementing methods, datasets used in the book, and corrections or clarifications. The information is meant to be introductory and thus aimed at helping researchers start to climb the learning curve in using R, Mesquite, BayesTraits, and other programs. Users should consult the book - and references provided therein - for more details on the assumptions underlying the methods and further guidance on implementing them.

The information is organized by chapters and by sections, which correspond to the chapters and sections of the book. Specific citations are given in the book (e.g., AnthroTree 4.2), and page numbers corresponding to the book will be provided on the wiki after the book is published. Additional resources and clarifications to the text are provided with the ".0" entries. Thus, additions to Chapter 5 will be found by navigating to Chapter 5 and clicking on the entry "5.0 Supplementary Information and Clarifications."

If you have questions or suggestions for improvement, the best bet is to email me ( I also welcome contributions to the wiki, again aimed at introducing a method or concept. If you find a better way to run an analysis, or want to see your software represented here, send me a worked example and I may include it - with your name added to the bottom of the example as the contributor!



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