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Quantitative Biology Career Development Speaker Seminar

Seminar series focusing on non-academic careers for quantitative biology PhD students. Invited speakers, primarily in industry and biotech, will highlight a range of different career opportunities and providing examples of career paths beyond the traditional tenure-track faculty route.

Previous Seminars

Thanks to everyone who attended our first seminar with Frances Tong (BDT) on March 5th!

Thanks to everyone who attended our second seminar with Mike Lynch (Duke BME, previously OPX Biotechnologies) on April 9th!

Thanks to everyone who attended our third seminar with Kevin Shianna (Illumina) on April 17th!

Thanks to everyone who attended our fourth seminar with Joel Parker (UNC Lineberger Cancer Center) on April 22nd!

  • You can email Joel at parkerjs@email.unc.edu
  • The Bioinformatics Core at the Lineberger Cancer Center (http://lbc.unc.edu/) has a couple open positions at all educational levels (BS, MS, and PhD).  Email Joel if you would like more information.

Thanks to everyone who attended our fifth seminar with Kesava Nagar-Anthal (Executive Director of Corporate Strategy at bioMerieux) on April 27th!

CBB Career Development Calendar of Events


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