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Duke Mailing List Manager: http://lists.duke.edu/sympa

This is the central list-serv manager for almost all the Duke list-servs, and you can sign up for most of them directly through this website.

When you first log-in, you will see a summary of each list-serv you are subscribed to under "Your Lists" (left column)

You can search directly for a list by typing in the "Search for a List", or you can click on the "Index of Lists" at the top-right to see all the lists available at Duke.

The two most-relevant career related list-servs are:

  • gradprofdev: Professional development events and opportunities for graduate students (this is the official list-serv for The Duke Graduate School Professional Development: https://gradschool.duke.edu/professional-development)
  • postdocs: This is the official mailing list for Duke postdocs, but has a plethora of information for graduate students, including:
    • Weekly email about "Jobs, Fellowships, Funding & Announcements of Interest for Duke Postdocs" (and PhDs!) from Molly Starback
    • Monthly email about "Professional Development Events for Duke Postdocs" (and PhDs!), also from Molly Starback

Some other list-servs you should definitely be subscribed to:

  • bionetworks: Interdepartment group of biological network studies (Paul Magwene is list manager).  This is essentially the "new" systems biology list-serv; typically lots of postdoctoral opportunities will be distributed from professors across this list-serv
  • calendar-of-scientific-events: Weekly email from Elizabeth Foust (elizabeth.foust@duke.edu) displaying the following 2 weeks of COSE (Calendar of Scientific Events)
  • gcb-all: The primary email distribution list for the Center for Genome and Computational Biology
  • gradupdates : Graduate School news updates list

Duke Experience eRecruiting (Duke Career Center): https://duke.experience.com/experience/login

To sign up for Career Center Email Lists, perform the following tasks:

  1. Click on the "Profile" Link in the top menu and select "View/Edit Profile Data"
  2. You will be brought to the "Personal Information" page; click on the "Administration" link, its the last link on the far right
  3. The "Administration" tab displays your communication preferences, including the two options:
    1. "Would You Like to Receive Email From the Career Center?" Yes
    2. "Sign Up for Career Center Email Lists": These are the lists I'm subscribed to:
      • Career News (Career Center Newsletter): Weekly email from Megan Wilson
      • Engineering, Physical Sciences, Math & Tech: Bi-weekly email from David McDonald (STEM Grad Student Career Newsletter)
      • Health, Medicine, and Life Sciences: Monthly email from Paul Miceli (Physical and Life Sciences Grad Student Career Newsletter) - note: haven't received one in 2015 yet
      • Also signed up for "Consulting", "Education", and "Government & Policy" list-servs, but never received anything from them


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