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Mtg with Leon about Fuqua-Centers and webpage templates, etc. (2008-07-24)

Audience:  Faculty, Students (K-12, Undergrad, MBA), HBCU, Administrators, Corporate (ORN), Government (DOE)

Main Menu: Home/About/Programs/Events/Resources/News/Contact/Fuqua/Duke

CIBER Front Page  should include a Short Mission Statement to be drafted up by Maly. This should link to the Goals & Objectives. We should also feature all upcoming events, including those we are sponsoring.

Main Menu to be converted into drop downs 

About Us
CIBER Mandates
Advisory Council
Mission Statement (Goals & Objectives)
National CIBER (CIBERWeb)
Our Staff
    Contact Us

Combine the staff information from the Our Staff page and the Contact Us page into one page. Perhaps use a table of some sort.  The Contact Us page should only include CIBER Mailing Address, Main Phone and Fax number.

Programs (remove JIBS)
Business Languages
Faculty Development
Outreach Programs
Programs Archives

Business Languages should include anything currently under Business Languages and Language Conferences.

Faculty Development should include Intercultural Edge and workshops currently listed under this category.

Outreach Programs should include the Offshoring Research Network, National Forum on Trade Policy, Global Academic Travel Experience, Homeland Security Initiative.

Research should include the Offshoring Research Network, Intercultural Edge, Ph.D. Consortium and Visiting Scholars.

Programs Archives should include the current listings. Archive the Journal of International Business Studies. Maly and Carla to provide updated information on what other programs to add to the archives. (Redo archive date style to change from year to fiscal year. Maly, Carla)

All CIBER recently hosted and sponsored events should be displayed on this page. Should also include an Events Archive page. Maly and Carla to provide information for this page.

Resources (Drop down under Resources are below in Italics/Underlined)
Keep CIBER Forms
Remove U.S. Dept. of Education Forms, and Fuqua resources.
Edit Fuqua School of Business Resources: Should only include International Center, Case, and Center of Leadership & Ethics (COLE)
Edit Duke University Resources: Should include The Center on Law, Ethics, and National Security (LENS), The Triangle Institute for Security Studies (TISS), Duke International Academics_Programs_Centers, and Title VI Centers. REMOVE ALL OTHERS.
Edit World Wide Web Resources: Should only include Center for International Trade and United States Information Agency.
Keep Other CIBERS BUT move this to the top of the Resources Page. Instead of CIBERweb being spelled out, link from logo which can be found under National CIBER. (Add Title VI centers and http://www.international.duke.edu/academics_programs/centers.php)

Include recent articles, publications and media releases. Center Directors should provide current program information to feature on this page.

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