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  • Procedures and Documentation for CIBER use
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Tools and web pages for newcomers to CIBER:

from email on 5/19/2010:

  • Morello - Ciber web site (Ayse)
  • CIBERWeb (Maly)
  • CIBER Wiki (Ayse)
  • Mantis: bug tracking system (Ayse)
  • Subscribing to the STATA emailing list (Ayse - Done)
  • ORN web site, ORN surveys (CC and SP), ORN web pages for data sharing with research partners (Frank & Bryan)
  • ICE web site (Frank)
  • IRIS (Maly)
  • Qualtrics (Maly)

Procedures and Documentation for CIBER:


  1. SVN (Subversion) tool notes:

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