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This page represents the wiki for the 2nd iteration of the CODEx (Collaborative Oncologic Data Exploration) Project. Our aim is to utilize 'omics'-related technologies to understand the basic pathologic processes of oncogenic transformation and metastasis and combine this with clinical information, ushering new insights into how the molecular events of cancer manifest themselves clinically. Members of the Project include:

  • Department of Surgery at Duke University Medical Center
  • Duke University Institute for Genome Sciences & Policy
  • Koo Foundation Sun Yat-Sen Cancer Center

Papers from the 1st phase of the project include a study of lymph node metastasis prediction in breast cancer published in the Lancet and another using gene expression information to develop metagenes that are distinct for activation of specific oncogenic pathways published in Nature Genetics. We have also published phase one work in the Proceedings for the National Academy of Sciences and Biostatistics.

Selected Papers

  • Surgery, An overview of genomic data analysis, Huang, E., Nevins, J.R., West, M., Kuo, P., Volume: 136), Pages: 497-99.
  • Cell Cycle, Gene expression phenotypes of oncogenic signaling pathways, Huang, E., Dressman, H., Nevins, J.R., Volume: 2(5), Pages: 415-17.
  • Cancer Research, Distinct gene expression phenotypes of cells lacking Rb and Rb family members, Black, E.P., Huang, E., Dressman, H., Ishida, S., West, M., Nevins, J.R., Volume: 63(13), Pages: 3716-23.
  • The Lancet, Gene expression predictors of breast cancer outcomes, Huang, E., Cheng, S., Pittman, J., Tsou, M.-H., Dressman, H., Iversen, E., Liao, M., Nevins, J.R., West, M., Huang, A.T., Volume: 361, Pages:1590-96.
  • Nature Genetics, Gene expression phenotypic models that predict the activity of oncogenic pathways, Huang, E., Ishida, S., Pittman, J., Dressman, H., West, M., Nevins, J.R., Volume: 34(2), Pages: 226-30.
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