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  • Features and Benefits
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  • Free (no need for a subscription or any licensing fees)
  • Open Source (MIT License)
  • Fully customizable (for advanced simulation development/deployment)
  • Multi-platform (runs on Mac OS, Windows, and Linux)
  • Private virtual worlds (no more griefers)
  • Enterprise directory access (LDAP)
  • Works over LANs and within Intranets (no need for Internet access)
  • Integrated text chat (Jabber)
  • In-world voice chat (speak with other users through VoIP)
  • In-world video chat (use your webcam to project your image into spaces)
  • In-world web browsing (access to FireFox and other browsers via VNC)
  • In-world annotations (text and audio)
  • Navigable 3D hyperlinking between virtual worlds
  • Collaborative document sharing/editing
  • Save/restore virtual worlds (just like documents)
  • Virtual world self-publishing
  • Access to remote applications (via VNC)
  • Basic end-user content creation and editing
  • Mesh and texture import (.kmz, .obj, .ase, .vrml, COLLADA)
  • Media import (add video, images, and sound to your spaces)
  • Scripting (Smalltalk/Squeak)
  • Custom avatars/animation (via COLLADA/Ogre 3D workflows)
  • OpenGL-based graphics engine
  • OpenAL
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