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 Cobalt runs as a virtual machine and will work on Windows XP and Vista, Mac OS X, and Linux.


Minimum Requirements

Internet Connection:

Cable or DSL

Computer Processor:

Intel Pentium III or better

Computer Memory:

1 GB or more

Graphics Card:

Cobalt should run on any computer purchased within the past 2 years. For older computers you may need to install a new graphics card. Cobalt requires graphics processors to comply with OpenGL 1.3* at a minimum. If you plan to use motion avatars you'll need openGL 1.5 or better.

Audio Libraries:


*Not sure your graphics processor meets Cobalt's OpenGL 1.3 minimum requirement? Download and run the OpenGL Extensions Viewer utility to determine the level of your graphics card's OpenGL compliance.

**If you get a "can't find OpenAL" error message when you first open Cobalt, you must download and install the OpenAL library.

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