DEID-Duke in Bolivia (Bridge & Irrigation System)

Working in Bolivia since 2007.

Bridge opening procession

Dr. Beaule dedicating the bridge

In the water placing the forms

Ben and kids cutting rebar

The bridge site

Matt and Thomas surveying the
first Obrajes crossing

Condor Chinoka and the riverbed,
the picture that started it all

Photo credits:
(1, 4-5) Patrick Ye
(2-3) Maria Gibbs
(6) Dr. Christine Beaule
More pictures here

Bolivia implementation team 2009

Irrigation System Site Assessment

Bridge Implementation

Bridge Site Assessment


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Travel Blog

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Meeting Minutes

Notes on meetings

Project Background

The history of the project and some relevant resources.

Picture Gallery

Highlight pictures from the Bolivia team.

Maps of Bolivia

Maps of the region

DC with DB

notes on coordinating the Duke Conversation with Dr. Beaule

Practicing Spanish

Few people in Bolivia speak English, so refine your español prior to traveling!

Bolivia Project Review

Notes from the EWB discussion on the team's travel objectives.

Travel Information

Packing lists, vaccination information, budget estimates and other travel information.

EWB-USA (bridge project)

The attempt to make Bolivia an official EWB project

[Mission in Bolivia Rap]

We're Duke E Dubya B
5 kids n Dr. Beaule
Heard about a Bolivian village
that really needed a bridge
C.L.A.C.S., Lord and P3
wrote a lotta grants n we got the mo-ney
after surveying Saturday morning
we're finally getting going

on a mission in Bolivia
ready to read stadia
gonna build a bridge
takes a lotta courage

When we landed in La Paz
customs cried a faux paus
Ga-Young couldn't get a visa
Go back home, Date prisa
There was nothing we could do,
then one day out of the blue
the Korean embassy came through
picked her up at the airport like a book overdue

we're on a mission in Bolivia
almost in hysteria
gonna build a bridge
almost missed it by a smidge


Dr Beaule's contact info (feel free to give to your parents):

Professor Christine Beaule
Department of Languages and Literatures of Europe and the Americas
Moore Hall 462
University of Hawaii at Manoa
Honolulu, HI 96822
cell phone: (808) 953-0853 (note Hawaii is 5 hours earlier than EST!)
email:, or