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Scope:  These guidelines are intended to address discovery and access commensurate with the scale at which new eBooks and eJournals and are acquired.

Contact: Virginia MartinJacquie Samples, or Natalie Sommerville

Unit: Technical Services Leadership Team

Date last reviewed:  

Date of next review:  

The 360MARC service is the preferred choice for managing the metadata that drives discovery of and access to eBooks and eJournals.  As a workflow, 360MARC has the advantage of being integrated with the knowledge base tracking that is part of eBook and eJournal management.  It has the additional advantages of dovetailing with link resolver control as well as being an established weekly workflow in DUL Technical Services.   DULTS will only load vendor-provided records if there is no option to manage eBooks at the title level in the knowledge-base.  We only use the 360MARC workflow for managing eJournal metadata; DULTS will not load vendor-provided records for eJournals.  

DULTS acknowledges that the 360MARC service does not always provide the most complete resource description possible, and pledges to continue advocacy with Ex Libris to improve the descriptive metadata delivered through this service.