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This is the home page for the Kbox Users Group space.

12/13/2011>>In Biology I have added Java patches to our patch download and detect/deploy so that Windows machines will get Java updated from the Kbox.  This required the creation of a new smart label called PL - java,windows,english.  The paramters of the smart label are title contains java, os is Windows, and language is english.  I added this smart label to the list of labels that determine what patches to download, and then I did a manual patch update.  This was successful, as I was notified that I now have the java patches available to deploy.

To test this, I did a manual detect of patches needed on my desktop and Kevin's desktop, both of which need the java update.  The detect returned a result showing that both machine's need the java patch.  Next I modifed the patch deploy to target only our 2 machines, and ran it.  The result was that on Kevin's machine, the patches deployed, and then he received a Kbox prompt to reboot.  On my PC, that java patch was able to install and didn't need a reboot, so I didn't receive a prompt, but the Kbox shows the patch installed successfully.

12/13/2011>>I created a new smart label that will help me audit what Windows PCs are NOT being patched.  Currently, the patching system only runs on machines that have the label 'Windows PCs to be patched' applied to them (this is a manual label).  I have made a new SMART label called 'Windows PCs thtat are NOT being patched'.  Here is a screenshot of the criteria:




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