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Educational Resources

1) Dr. Geoff Aguirre (UPenn Neurology) regularly teaches introductory seminars on MRI and fMRI. This is one of his more concise presentations. (~90 minutes in total)
2) This is another presentation from Dr. Aguirre that goes into more depth. (~7 hours in total)
3) There is an annual 2-week course on fMRI at U Michigan, which is targeted at researchers with little-to-no background in MRI, and they have posted all of their materials. These lectures are very long and detailed, but broken down by specific topics. (many lectures of varying lengths)
4) Lab members may also refer to one of the editions of the textbook Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging (Huettel, Song, & McCarthy) in lab.
5) A useful reference, particularly for MR physics.
6) Blogs with lots of useful information on various aspects of fMRI including artifacts, analyses, and software tools.
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