Staff-Only Reports and Documents

Public Report: Priorities and Guiding Principles for Protecting Patron Privacy 

Task Force Charge

Effective date: February 26, 2020

The Data Privacy and Retention Task Force will commence its work in April 2020, starting with a thorough review of the DUL Data Privacy and Retention Audit report.  The Executive Group charges the Task Force to develop a list of priorities and guiding principles for the Duke University Libraries related to data privacy and retention. Through collaboration with EG, the Task Force will create and charge sub-teams to use the approved guiding principles to create policies and implement data retention and privacy actions based on the priorities defined.  The outcomes of this activity are expected to be in the form of documentation and communication of best practices, recommendations for licensing strategies of content or software, defining opt-out actions for users, automated and systematic actions on data, etc.  

Note: The Task Force completed its work in Spring of 2021 and distributed both a report of its findings and a proposal for future activities to improve the privacy landscape at DUL.


  • Angela Zoss, AUX, Chair 
    • representing Audit results, and circulation data protection
  • Arnetta Girardeau, Copyright & Information Policy Consultant
    • representing legal considerations
  • Jack Hill, Core Services
    • representing system configuration capabilities, challenges, and collaborations
  • Brooke Guthrie, Rubenstein Library
    • representing users of research services, notably users from outside of the Duke community
  • Ciara Healy, Research & Instructional Services
    • representing users associated with vulnerable communities; ensure that those most likely to be affected by policy changes are included in the decision-making process, possibly via an open call to staff for interest
  • Shadae Gatlin, Digital Collections & Curation Services
    • representing data systems with user permissions capabilities
  • Abby Wickes, Technical Services
    • representing authentication and vendor contract issues
  • Tim McGeary, AUL for Digital Strategies & Technology, ex officio
    • representing DUL and University collaboration, policy, and governance


  • Sean Aery and Michael Daul, Software Services
    • front-end capabilities and interface development
  • Hannah Rozear, Research & Instructional Services,
    • representing undergraduate instruction user experience
  • Karen Newbery, Library Systems & Integration Support
    • representing patron experiences, ALEPH, FOLIO
  • Derrek Croney, Core Services
    • representing identity management systems, EZProxy
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