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On a weekly basis, the OCLC Export:

  1. Find items that have been created during that week, maps them to the proper OCLC customer code
  2. Exclude item records for those items which are additional items for the same OCLC code
  3. Check the bib records to see if holdings are already set
  4. Extract the Aleph sequential file for the bib records to be updated
  5. Modify the sequential file to add the prefix string (OCoLC) before the OCLC number
  6. Convert the Aleph sequential file to MARC
  7. SCP files to OCLC
  8. Add OCL fields to records that were sent
  9. Mail list of bib numbers, separated by OCLC code to contacts at each library


Scripts are found in /home/aleph/oclc_export

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