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Creating a new staff person's permissions from an existing user in Aleph

This document steps through copying an existing Aleph staff profile into one for a new staff member.

When a new library staff member needs access to Aleph, the supervisor should submit a ticket requesting this access.  Sometimes the supervisor will offer a suggestion of someone else in that department who has similar permissions.  If they don't, we can reply with the question of "is there someone in your department whose permissions we can copy for this new staff member?".  Other times, the Circulation staff at Perkins or Lilly will request new logins for students or student supervisors who will be working at the circulation desks.  In any of these cases, we can copy an existing Aleph permissions profile to create a new account for the new staff member.

To access the staff permissions:

  1. Open the Aleph GUI (log in with your Net ID and Aleph password).
  2. Right click on the key icon in the lower right-hand corner.
  3. Choose "Staff Privileges" from the menu.
  4. Once the pop-up window is open, search for the existing staff member's NetID.
    • In the case of Perkins and Lilly circulation students, search for Perkcirc or Lillycirc as appropriate.
    • In the case of Perkins student supervisors, search for Circstaff.
  5. Click on the user name you wish to duplicate so that it is highlighted.
  6. Click on the "Modify User" button and make a note of the Cataloger Level (00 or 40 usually ) and Circ Override Level (02 or 20 usually).
  7. Click on the "Ordering Units" button, choose DUK50 and make a note of the current ordering unit.
  8. Click on the "Budgets" button, choose DUK50 and make a note of the current budgets and permissions allowed for them.

Once you've made a note of the above:

  1. Click on the "Duplicate User" button.
  2. Key in the new user's Net ID in the User box (i.e. ABC123)
  3. For password, use changem3.
  4. Click the arrow next to the User Library box and choose DUK50.
  5. Fill in the Cataloger Level and the Circulation Override Level as appropriate.
  6. *Leave other fields in the left column blank.*
  7. Fill in the user's name using the format: Lastname, Firstname.
  8. Fill in the Department as appropriate.  You may put in "Perkins circ student" or "Perkins circ student supervisor".
    • If a student with an expected departure or graduation date, fill in the "Expiration Date" as appropriate
  9. Fill in the Note 1 field with a comment on which profile you copied to make this one (i.e. copy of Perkcirc or copy of ABC123). Click the OK button.
  10. Alert supervisor that the account has been created, that they should show the person how to log in and change his password, and that the staff member should change his password upon first login.

*Note* When copying a user's account from another user, the Budget and Order Unit settings are not copied to the new user. Check the existing user's settings and add them manually to the new user.

For DKU staff accounts, the User Library must be set to ADMIN, not DUK50. ADMIN must be typed out as it is not an option in the drop down.

You may find that staff who move holdings records also need the User Library set to ADMIN.

Special default accounts:

RUBINTERN - used to create accounts for new Rubenstein Library interns. Remember to duplicate budgets and order unit.




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