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To update course enrollment using Sakai data.  

1) Get Sakai files.

cd /exlibris/home/eres/data
sftp -oPort=9225 dukesnapshot@sftp.longsight.com
cd siss
get *

2) Edit enroll_sakai.pl

LINE 45 // if ($session eq "F17")

Change to correct term, it matches data/coursesections.csv the last part of column two.

3) Convert to ids files and deduplicate.

cd ..
perl enroll_sakai.pl data/coursesections.csv data/sectionmembership.csv data/all_ids.txt
/bin/sort -u -o /exlibris/aleph/u23_1/duk50/files/z107.seqaa data/all_ids.txt

4)  Submit the job to load the course enrollment ids.

cd $aleph_proc
csh -f p_file_04 DUK50,z107,replace,FIX,

To deactivate terms

1) Edit tempdocs/active-reserves-terms.xml

cd /home/aleph/eres-transfer/
vi tempdocs/active-reserves-terms.xml
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>

2) Remove classes_with_ereserves files 

rm tempdocs/termdocs/classes_with_ereserves.Spring
sftp -oPort=9225 dukesnapshot@sftp.longsight.com
cd uploads
rm classes_with_ereserves.Spring

Reserves pdfs live on the following server:

cx4-fe-nas01.oit.duke.edu and are being served from libweb-01 /var/www/pdf


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