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  • Edit /home/aleph/plif/summer_plif_xml.pl to standardize all input file formats
  • Consider changing location of stored historical files?


Each summer, multiple groups of students come to Duke for various summer study programs. They include:

Talent Identification Program (TIP)

Contact: Brian Denton, brian.denton@duke.edu

Field Studies Contact: Karen Weeks, kweeks@tip.duke.edu

The spreadsheet includes tabs for East Campus Staff, East Campus Students, West Campus Staff, West Campus Students, Field Studies Students and Field Studies Staff.

Add the postal box numbers as appropriate:  TIP East Campus, Box 90751 or TIP West Campus, Box 90749

You may need to confirm with the contact the program dates for each session (start date and departure date).

Faculty get patron status 01. Students get patron status 15.

TIP Faculty may get loaded by the regular patron loader, as they may be current faculty or graduate students. Currently, we are creating an additional patron record when we load the TIP files. 

  • Need to confirm with Access and Delivery Services if they'd like to continue this practice, or not.

American Dance Festival (ADF) 

Contact: Yunyi Wang, Lilly Library, yunyi.wang@duke.edu she gets the spreadsheet from the ADF contact and forwards it to us.

Faculty get patron status 01.  MFA students get patron status 06.  Students and misc get patron status 15.

Divinity School's Course of Study (COS)

Contact: Barbara Campbell, bcampbell@div.duke.edu

Students get patron status 15.

We have created a standard spreadsheet that our contacts at these programs fill out and submit to us with the following columns. Not all programs fill out all columns.

Duke Unique ID


(DukeCard service ID) 







NetID Address1CityStateZIPPhone







For the past two years, the DukeCard Office (contact: Jorge Rios-Marti jorge.rios@duke.edu) has also been sending spreadsheets that includes the patron's name, DukeCard number and issue number.

Service IDDukeCardIssue #FirstLastConferenceExp Date

The two files need to be manually merged. Historical files are saved in F:\CM\ALEPH\Patron_Loader\TIP-COS. We have used this directory as view access is more restricted than the F://Aleph directories.

The spreadsheet is saved as a tab delimited text file to the Aleph server in /home/aleph/plif/data directory. 

To load the patrons, run /home/aleph/plif/run_summer_plif.sh as described in the commented lines. For example:

./run_summer_plif.sh 2016_adf_faculty adf 0613 0731 01 > data/2016_adf_faculty.log


contact information current as of 8/15/2017 KHN

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  1. Karen Newbery - Josh told me before he left that Course of Study no longer gets borrowing privileges, so I'm going to take them out of this page.

  2. OK, so somewhat hilariously I can now see that we loaded COS people in July 2019 even though Josh had told me it wasn't happening anymore. So I will roll back my edit and reach out to Katie and Lacey to learn more.

  3. This information on this page is pretty out-of-date.  I can update it according to our latest practice.