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This is for setting up and using Basecamp To-dos for agile task management. This can be User Stories or Work Breakdown Structure (WBS).

Start of Project

  1. Add the following list: Current Iteration, Backlog, Testing, Icebox and Done.
  2. Add task or user stories to Backlog or Icebox, breaking up the task to be as small and consistently sized as possible.  (Icebox is for the task that have not been prioritized or scheduled. "put on ice") 
  3. For the task in backlog add a type (Feature, Bug or Chore) and an effort estimate using Fibonacci (i.e., 0, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8) for story points.
  4. Order Backlog with the highest priority on top. This needs to take dependencies into account.

Iteration Change Over

  1. In Testing move Accepted(completed) items to Done.  If items failed testing move them to the top of the Backlog.
  2. In Current Iteration, move completed items to Testing and uncheck.  If testing is not needed move to Done.
  3. Move task from Backlog to Current Iteration using priority and effort estimates.