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The idea for the LINK MediaWalls originated from the Visual Studies Initiative (VSI) and the Vice Provost for the Arts.  The VSI considers anything visual as an object of study; be it an art piece, a scientific visualization, a new imaging system, or a video game. The two walls, prominently located in the LINK lobby, are a perfect location for students and faculty to exhibit new artistic, cultural and scientific content.  One wall is covered with a tiled display of 18 computer monitors that allows visual media to be created and shown dynamically.  The second serves as an exhibit space for fixed, hard copy art installations.  Both walls are augmented with network cameras and directional speakers, which are embedded in the ceiling above each wall.  The cameras can be used for motion detection, or as a source of visual media for an installation.

Programming for the media walls is coordinated by the Vice Provost for the Arts in consultation with Visualization and Interactive Systems Group (VIS), ISIS, the Duke News Service, Perkins Library, Documentary Studies and other academic units.

Diagram of the MediaWalls

Technical Description



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