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Proposal Form: Proposal_LINKMediawall.pdf

Project Submissions
The combination of computer displays, network cameras, and speakers allows a vast assortment of dynamic installations. Content can range from art work to student work to real-time visualizations.  Students and faculty are encouraged to submit their ideas regarding a potential project to be exhibited on one of the Media Walls.  Faculty may propose the use of the LINK Media Wall as an integral tool or exhibition facility for a class. Special consideration will be given to applications which utilize the facility in an innovative or creative manner.

The types of projects considered will primarily relate to teaching, learning or research at Duke, or be artistic, experimental or educational in nature.  The LINK Media Wall is not intended to be used for marketing purposes, or as a bulletin-board type venue.

Submission Criteria
The preliminary project proposal should include a detailed textual description of the project. The proposal should mention any special technical or exhibition requirements, as well as include a rough timeline outlining the development and requested exhibition schedule for the project. If the project is intended as a component of a course, the instructor should include the course syllabus along with the proposal.

Whenever possible, sample media (videos, stills, applications, etc.) and/or storyboard should be included with the proposal.  It is understood that this is not always possible, due to the nature of the project. If the project is approved, there will a final review process, in advance of exhibition. 

Proposals will be reviewed by the LINK Media Wall content group.  Submitters will be contacted regarding the receipt and completeness of their proposal within two weeks. The LINK Media Wall content group meets at least once a semester to evaluate all submitted projects and prepare an exhibition schedule.

Timeline for MediaWall Projects
Projects that are approved for presentation on the LINK MediaWalls will be scheduled for exhibition based upon the following criteria:

  • Schedule of existing projects -
    existing exhibits may require (in some cases) exclusive presentation on the Media Wall.
  • Requested time line for submitted exhibit.
  • Technical requirements for preparing the project.
  • Academic Schedule -
    Exhibits requiring audio may be scheduled for limited times that do not interfere with the academic class schedule in the LINK and may not be presented during reading and exam periods.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions or clarifications.

Proposals may be submitted to: mediawall@duke.edu


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