If you have edit access to a private media, you can generate individual media temporary access links to this media. Generating a temporary access link will create a URL that can be shared with other users to grant temporary time-limited access to the media record page. Anyone with the link URL will be able to access the private media, whether they are logged in to MorphoSource or not, and whether or not they have a MorphoSource user account. They will be able to view the media record page and access the web interactive preview of the media, but they will not be able to download the media file(s) or edit the media (unless they already have access to download or edit the media through their own user account). You determine the length of time for which the temporary access link is valid, with the default time length being 90 days. You can also revoke any temporary access link you have created, which will immediately revoke all future access to the media through the link URL. You can also see all other active temporary access links generated by other users who have edit access to the media. If you are the data manager for the media, you can revoke any temporary access link for that media, regardless of who created the link. If you are not the data manager but have edit access to the media otherwise, you can only revoke links you have created yourself.

To generate a media temporary access link:

  1. Navigate to the Media Edit page, and then the Share tab in the Media Edit Page (pictured to the right). 
  2. At the bottom of the Share tab, there is a section titled Temporary Media Access Links. This section will both list current active temporary access links, with information about which user generated the link, when the link will be expire, and a button to revoke the link if you are able to do that. 
  3. In order to generate a new link, check that the expiration date is appropriate for your use case. The default is 90 days, and it can be customized by clicking on the date field. Then select Generate. 
  4. The page will shortly reload, and your temporary link URL will be available for use and sharing. Clicking the icon next to the URL will automatically copy the URL to your clipboard, so that you can paste it elsewhere as needed. 

It is also possible to generate temporary access links for entire projects, if you are the manager for the project. Project temporary access links will grant temporary access to both a private project and all private or published media within that project. See the Project Temporary Access Links documentation page for more detail about this feature.

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