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Duke University Hospital

Brian Griffith, MD

          Dr. Griffith grew up in Cleveland, Tennessee, and Greenville,South Carolina.  He completed his Bachelors of Science degree, with a double major in Molecular Biology and Chemistry, at VanderbiltUniversity in 2001 before coming to Duke University School of Medicine, where he earned his MD degree in 2005.  He remained at Duke for his residency training in Internal Medicine, which he completed in 2008.  Following residency training, Dr. Griffith has been a busy physician on teaching and non-teaching services for the Hospital Medicine program in Duke University Health System.  He is interested in hospital medicine, general internal medicine consultation for hospitalized patients, and is passionate about the clinical education of medical students and residents.  He envisions a career balancing ongoing patient care and education on the inpatient general medicine wards while developing and studying health information technology infrastructure and tools to improve efficiency, quality and safety of patient care.
          Dr. Griffith suggests that students on the Medicine clerkship spend as much time with patients as they can.  "Take an interest in their life and their personal story.  They are the best teachers you will ever have.  The skills of observation and empathy can only be honed at the bedside.  Read about your patients' conditions as retention is greatly boosted when tied to the memory of a real patient; however, also set goals to read broadly about general medicine so you will be able to recognize those things you have yet to see firsthand." 

Durham Veterans Affairs Medical Center

Thomas LeBlanc, MD

          Dr. LeBlanc grew up in Riverside, Rhode Island, and completed his BA in biomedical ethics at Brown University (also in Rhode Island) before embracing the Southeast and coming to Duke for medical school.  In the process of earning his medical degree, Dr. LeBlanc also earned a MA degree in philosophy and medical ethics in 2005.  He graduated from Duke University School of Medicine in 2006.  After completing his residency at Duke in Internal Medicine in 2009, Dr. LeBlanc began his fellowship training in Hematology/Oncology.  He aspires to an academic clinical practice incorporating teaching and research exploring hematologic malignancies, palliative medicine, quality of life in cancer patients, patient decision-making, cancer survivorship, transitions of care, literature in medicine, and medical ethics.
          Dr. LeBlanc has this advice for medical students: "Read, read, and read some more, and don't be afraid to ask questions!"  He says that, even for students who plan to specialize in a different field, the Medicine clerkship will be one of the highest-yield educational experiences of your career.  He reminds students that, ultimately, "You'll get out this rotation what you put into it.  Hard work and dedication will pay great dividends in the end."

Durham Regional Hospital

Jonathan Bae, MD

          Dr. Bae grew up in Ellicott City, MD, and came to Duke University for his BS in Biology before earning his medical degree in 2005 at Virginia Commonwealth University, SchoolofMedicine.  He returned to Duke for his residency in Medicine/Pediatrics.  After completing residency training in 2009, Dr. Bae spent a year as an Academic Hospitalist on the General Medicine teaching and non-teaching services at DukeUniversityHospital.  He is particularly interested in quality improvement, patient safety, and communication and aspires to a career as a clinician-educator in an academic setting. 
          Dr. Bae advises students on the Medicine clerkship that general medicine is a challenging but extremely rewarding rotation, and it serves as the foundation for all that we do.  He encourages students to "try to learn something new each day...get to know your patients; really talk to them.  Try to learn something about your patients that has nothing to do with why you are seeing them...and have FUN!" 

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