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Second Year Students

We are excited to help you develop your interests, abilities, and clinical skills as you care for diverse patients with a wide variety of inpatient general medical problems.  Over the eight weeks of the clerkship, you will learn to provide safe, evidence-based, humanistic care in a manner that is increasingly efficient, equitable, and always improving.  You will work closely with house staff and attendings as well as other multidisciplinary treatment team members including nurses, pharmacists, physical and occupational therapists, social workers, and patient resources managers.  You will also work with other medical students, physician assistant students, pharmacy students, and subinterns.  During the eight week core clerkship you will have the opportunity to be a member of General Medicine teams at two of three sites.

The following links provide documents related to the course:

Team assignments, lecture schedules, and other important information for the current clerkship are located here.

Residents & Attendings

We appreciate the time you take to teach second year students on your team.  Please refer to the links below:

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