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Second Year Students

Tutorial in Medical PDC

Second year students seeking an outpatient four-week elective during the elective month may solicit preceptors in the Department of Medicine to compile a 40-hour weekly clinic schedule for the Tutorial in Medical PDC.  This elective is a good opportunity for students who wish to work with specific faculty members or in specific divisions within the department to forge relationships and seek mentorship in possible fields of interest.  It is the student's responsibility to solicit preceptors, and registration requires permission (granted after the student has determined a clinic schedule that satisfies the course requirement of 40 hours per week in clinical activities).  Please contact Sheila Gainey for further information.

Fourth Year Students

Primary Care Elective

Fourth-year students seeking a primary care elective may sign up for 1 (10 hours per week) or 2 (20 hours per week) credits in the Primary Care Elective and, after submitting their personal educational goals for the rotation, will be assigned to work in primary care clinic with preceptors in the Primary Care Clinics formerly under the auspices of Duke General Internal Medicine.  Registration requires permission and is subject to preceptor availability.  Please contact Dr. Sharon Rubin for further information.
For a complete listing of 4th year electives offered through the Department of Medicine, please refer to the 4th Year Elective handbook from the School of Medicine Registrar.

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