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Fourth Year Students

We are excited to help you develop your interests, abilities, and clinical skills as you care for diverse patients with a wide variety of inpatient general medical problems over the four weeks of the subinternship, refining your growing ability to efficiently provide safe, evidence-based, humanistic care.  As a subintern, you will be responsible for the day-to-day management of your patients under supervision of the attending and any house staff on service.  You will also work with other members of the multidisciplinary treatment team to provide excellent care and appropriate discharge planning.  During the subinternship you will be assigned to a General Medicine team at Duke or the Durham VA Medical Center, the Medical Intensive Care Unit, or a subspecialty service such as Cardiology, Hematology/Oncology, or Pulmonary at Duke.  Team assignments are made well in advance, and you will need a permission number for registration.

The following links provide documents related to the course:

Residency Application

Students applying in categorical medicine, medicine/pediatrics, medicine/psychiatry, or preliminary year positions are required to meet with Dr. Bill Hargett.   Students applying in categorical medicine, medicine/pediatrics, or medicine/psychiatry will also meet with Dr. Harvey Cohen, Chair for the  Department of Medicine.  Students applying for preliminary years do not meet with the chair.  You must meet with Dr. Hargett prior to meeting with the Department Chair.

We will request students to provide the following information to us one week prior to your scheduled meeting with Dr. Hargett.

  1. Curriculum vita
  2. Copy of your Duke transcript
  3. Personal statement
  4. Advising worksheet should be completed and returned one week prior to the meeting.
  5. Students will also be asked to provide their AAMC number to be placed on your ERAS cover sheet.  This number is the same number that you used to apply to for medical school.
  6. Step 1 Board scores if available at time of meeting

Students who are required to meet with the Dr. Cohen should call Ms. Donna Salvo (668-1755) to schedule an appointment.   You do not need to submit any documents to Dr. Cohen's office prior to this appointment.  Please note you should allow 2 weeks between your appointment with Dr. Hargett and Dr. Cohen.

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