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Duke PRS Project Resource Site for the

Patient Reported Outcomes Measurement Information System

The PROMIS project at Duke is made up of several separate but interdependent grant-funded projects. A Network component focused on the development of the PROMIS tool, an Independent project that involves evaluating appropriate use of the PROMIS tool in a clinical research setting, and a Supplemental project that seeks to extend the PROMIS tool with the development and testing of cancer-specific patient-reported outcomes measures. While funded separately and consisting of distinct aims, each project is closely integrated with the activities and processes of the Network.

This project is funded by grant U01 AR052186 from the National Institutes of Health
Kevin P. Weinfurt, PhD (Principal Investigator) | Center for Clinical and Genetic Economics
Duke Clinical Research Institute | PO Box 17969 | Durham, NC 27715
Please direct questions/comments to: larry.diener@duke.edu

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