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Over the past 12-18 months, we have been recording data from the DSCR to investigate power consumption and CPU-usage. The data is summarized in the attached PDF and the linked slide-deck.

Figure 1 - Comparative Data

All of the raw data combined. Each line connects the average power reading found within a 1% CPU-usage bin.

Figure 2 - 2007 to 2008

Conversion from 1U to blade, X-series CPU to E-series, X5355 to E5420:

Figure 3 - 2008 to 2009

E5420 to E5520 (all blades)

Figure 4 - 2009, E-Series to X-Series CPUs

E5520 to X5550 (all blades)

Figure 5 - 2009 to 2010

2009 to 2010, X5550 to X5650 (all blades)

Raw Data Plots

Points shown in the following plots are averaged over a 1% bin in CPU-usage. The trend-line is the true regression line (not calculated off of the binned data). Lower plot is number of samples in each 1% bin.

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