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What is this "Scientific Education Outreach" of which you speak?

A few of us were throwing around some ideas over lunch about how to promote and assist with science education in the community- both Durham and beyond. It was noted that various individuals and groups around Duke are doing things in this area, and that it might be helpful to have a webpage or pages both to link to resources, and for discussion, communication, and brainstorming.


  1. http://www.scied.duke.edu/
  2. http://www.alice.org/

Random thoughts

  • Of particular interest (to JDT anyway, who's writing this) is getting more girls into Computer Science.
  • what age to target? doesn't need to be just one, but waiting till high school may be too late. Jr. high?
  • ongoing programs vs. one time events
  • Alice programming language is a great resource


Wikis are dynamic entities. No offense will be taken if anyone does some "gardening" on what's here. e.g. the Random thoughts section above could be moved to a set of pages with discussions for different topics. Resources can be its own page. Have at it!

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  1. resources could use some annotation- I'll try to do some of that, and add more...

  2. Phil- the Duke Center for Science Education has goals and resources that might interest you and your group. We encourage and facilitate interdisciplinary interactions that strengthen science education research, outreach and enhancement of the undergraduate experience. We also have a grant for a residential summer science for rising 8th and 9th graders who are not yet on a path towards STEM majors.

    I would love to sit down with your group to understand what your goals might be and how to help you achieve them. There may be opportunities for us to collaborate. Just this morning I sent an email inquiring about a possible collaboration to some members of the CS department for our science camp.

  3. If you want to reach girls you need to start much younger than junior high, and even then you may lose some. Girls are subject to tremendous peer pressure. They need to know that it's OK to like computers. It's cool to be a smart girrrl.