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Welcome to TTS's Casper Documentation space!

This page is curated by the staff responsible for owning the processes that govern JAMF Casper Suite's usage in the Trinity College of Arts & Sciences.

Current Active Staff:

  • ADMIN: Blaine Ott (jbo2@duke.edu) and Antonio Fields (af9@duke.edu)

As this wiki is updated, the tree to the left will populate with topics for your review. Please feel free to contribute topics you think will be helpful by emailing the Admin listed above.

General Info

Portions of this Wiki are taken from the Casper Suite Administrator's Guide from the JAMF Software website. The current version at the time of this writing is Version 9.100.0, and all page references used herein refer to pages in this version.

Please choose from one of the following topics:

  1. General Casper Usage
  2. TTS Casper Infrastructure
  3. Other Topics of Interest
  4. How-to articles
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