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  • Emergent Church, Christian Practices, and Preaching
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Emergent Church

A few early authors in this area include Brian McClaren, Dan Kimball, and Leonard Sweet.  There currently seems to be an explosion in books in this area - some can be traced by a subject search for Emerging Church Movement while others can be searched by doing keyword searches for emerging church.  I'm not sure what you may have already read in this area but if you completely new to it, you might want to start with a Brian McClaren's Generous Orthodoxy or Dan Kimball's Emerging Church.

Renewal of Christian Practices

While this is related to the emergent church movement, the renewal of Christian practices is never exclusive to one movement or group. In searching for books, much depends on the particular Christian practices that are of interest. For instance, there is work in "liturgical renewal" which seeks to reclaim and reinvigorate Christian practices of worship. Some of those books can be found by doing a search on liturgical movement although you are also likely to find good books more broadly focused on public worship.  Similarly, you could search on specific Christian practices of prayer or healing that may address issues around their renewal in the church. 


Please review our Preaching subject guide which suggests a number catalog searches, reference books, and other resources that may be helpful. 

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