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  • Methodist models and disciple-making for the twenty-first century
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I'm sure you are already familiar with the work of David Lowes Watson,  His works along with other works on class meetings can be found by doing a subject search in our catalog starting with "Class meetings, Methodist."  Here's a few of the 109 records that come up:

Henderson, D. Michael.     
A model for making disciples : John Wesley's class meeting /
 Stacks | BX8346 .H46 1997b

Watson, David Lowes.     
Forming Christian disciples : the role of covenant discipleship and class leaders in the congreg
 Stacks | 287.6 W338, F725, 1991

Watson, David Lowes.     
Covenant discipleship : Christian formation through mutual accountability /
 Stacks |  BV4501.2 .W379 1991

Dean, William Walter.     
Disciplined fellowship : the rise and decline of cell groups in British Methodism /
 Stacks | BX8346 .D43 1985

Besides these secondary sources, we also have many of the primary sources regarding John Wesley and the early Methodists.

Finally, a number of Wesleyan-inspired authors have suggested ways that churches could become more intentional about "forming persons as faithful disciples."  One particularly useful search in our libary catalog might be for subject  "Christian life -- Methodist authors."  While some of the books are more devotional in nature, several may be useful to your work.  Again, here's a few that come up:

Manskar, Steven W.     
Accountable discipleship : living in God's household /
 Reserve | BV4501.2 .M3386 2000

Vogel, Dwight.     
Sacramental living : falling stars & coloring outside the lines /
 Stacks |  BV4501.2 .V58 1999

Job, Rueben P.     
A Wesleyan spiritual reader /
 Stacks | BV4811 .J56 1997

Hauerwas, Stanley, 1940-     
Where resident aliens live : exercises for Christian practice /
 Stacks | BV4501.2 .H366 1996

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