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Bridges to Prosperity - is a US-based non-profit organization that fights poverty by training local people in developing countries to build pedestrian footbridges. Footbridges are simple and inexpensive enough for rural communities to build with only modest outside help, and they provide major benefits such as improved safety and access to markets, schools and medical care.

Typically, the training is done through Community Bridge Building programs in which Bridges to Prosperity trains in-country partner organizations or government agencies in both engineering and organizational techniques. Since its founding in March 2001, Bridges to Prosperity has expanded to 17 countries across Southeast Asia, Africa, and Central and South America. Bridges to Prosperity is supported by and partners with a number of other organizations such as Rotary International.

                                                     B2P Contact: Milosz Reterski - miloszreterski@bridgestoprosperity.org

Epilogos - Our mission is to improve the lives of the impoverished people in the town of San Jose Villanueva by engaging in community development. For Epilogos, community development means improving the quality of life in many areas, including health, education, housing, employment, water issues, energy, and public sanitation. Epilogos is a non-profit organization supported entirely by donations.

Epilogos is recognized and supported by many organizations, including Habitat for Humanity of El Salvador, ADESCOJ (a local community development organization), the school administrations and municipal government of San Jose Villanueva, many faith-based communities and churches, Engineers Without Borders from many universities, health professionals from many different states in the U.S., and Rotary Clubs from many countries.

Epilogos Contact:
Mike & Susie Jenkins - sjsjv@hotmail.com, (011) 503-2342-3048, Founders
Graciela - graciamart_2@hotmail.com, Project Coordinator
                                         Keily - keily_guzman@hotmail.com, (011) 503-7727-0997, Assistant