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Next Meeting Hours

Date & Time




Apr 17 1pm

Languages 109


- Finish group report

El Salvador Meeting Agenda

April 10, 2011

  • vocab quiz
  • Group report by 4/20
  • Update on culvert bridge
  • Update on funding
  • Sign up for El Salvador dinner #2

March 20, 2011

  • We've got the Bridges to Prosperity 
  • Grant! LOL
  • Members got grants from Career Center
  • Travel Team Presentation
  • Group work topics assigned
  • Planning another dinner event

February 6, 2011

  • Group work
  • El Salvador Dinner - Feb 17th Thurs (can be changed) Bring minimum 5 friends
  • Presentation on "Sports and Food"

January 30, 2011

  • Group Goals of the semester
  • Bridge to Prosperity Grant Application Review

January 16, 2011

  • Updates on the project - LOTS of GOOD NEWS
  • E-mail Maria if you want to change your group
  • Overall plan of the semester : Research and Assessment
  • Updates on Funding

December 5, 2010

  • Demonstration of Presentation on Duke Excitement Development--mission, goal, progress, and etc.
  • Group Reports : overall summary of the achievements and future plans of each groups
    • full group reports are posted on the Wiki for each group

November 21, 2010

  • Clarification on sending e-mails to companies
    • DON'T ask for funding to companies' FOUNDATIONS
  • Group Work

November 7, 2010

  • Spanish Game
  • Sending out e-mails for funding
  • Group work

October 31, 2010

  • Traditional El Salvador Dessert!!
  • Presentation on Culture
  • Group Work

October 24, 2010

  • Vocab Game
    list posted under "Learning Spanish"
  • Presentation on History of El Salvador
  • Words on EWB Conference
    Gathering EWB USA as one whole group
    Brief Summary will be posted soon
  • Group Work

October 17, 2010

  • Wiki Tour
    Assessment Trip Document Posted
  • Funding (Kerri)
    Current google doc will be posted on the main EWB location as soon as we submit a request
    • Traveling: 21 people want to travel (12 max through EWB)
    • On Campus Grants
      • DukeEngage Individual
      • Center for LAtin American Studies
      • Kenan Istitute for Ethics
      • Career Center Ionternship Funding Program (must be related to future academic or career goals, $2500 for minimum 240 hours)
      • Center for International Studies ($2000, Trip duration 4+ weeks)
    • Other Opportunities
      • Winter Break - assessment trip (through Epilogos)
      • Spring Break - prep work for the bridge (through Epilogos)
      • All Summer - Nicaragua with Milosz
  • Task Groups
    1. Funding: documents, brochure and graphics on funding issues
    2. Design Team: actual designing of the bridge
    3. Community Development: communicate with local supports
    4. Zaragoza Culvert Bridge Rehabilitation
    5. Buena Vista / Matazano: hardened roadway solutions

October 3, 2010

  • Fall assessment trip schedule
  • Brief tour of EWB-Wiki and assigning managers of each section
    • Overall: Ellen Huang
    • Funding: Kerri Devine
    • Meeting Minutes: Young Ju
    • Learning Language: Melanie Green
    • Travel Preparation: Tracy Huang
  • Volunteers for Presentation about El Salvador
    • Culture
    • History
    • Language

During September

Fall Break Assessment:

  • Need 1 or 2 Spanish speakers who are very interested in the project and are confident they can travel this summer.
  • Assessment will involve going to potential bridges sites, talking to community members and collecting data.

Summer 2011




  • Get to know San Jose Villanueva
  • Visit project site
  • Meet with leaders of El Provenir and Bridges to Prosperity to discuss project
  • Go into Santa Tecla to purchase living and construction materials


Trip to archeological sites

2 & 3

Construct Rebar cages and pour foundation


Build tiers


Tower Construction


Trip to Ruta de Las Flores


Anchor construction and Cable installation


Deck installation


Wrap up + Celebrate!


2 day trip to Suchitoto

My involvement in the project:

  • Reina + Gloria
  • Padre Mario, Señor Meekay 2009
  • Mr. Mike 2010, letter


Epilogos (www.epilogos.org) Their mission is to improve the lives of the impoverished people in the town of San Jose Villanueva by engaging in community development. For Epilogos, community development means improving the quality of life in many areas, including health, education, housing, employment, water issues, energy, and public sanitation.

  • Mike and Susie
  • school where Reina and Gloria's brother attended
  • EWB Tufts potable water project

*Bridges to Prosperity (*http://www.bridgestoprosperity.org/) Their mission is to empower poor African, Asian and South American rural communities through footbridge building, thereby advancing personal responsibility, community public works, economic prosperity and access to schools, clinics, jobs and markets.

  • Milosz: on the ground in El Salvador, surveying potential sites for 2 corporate and 1 university sponsor
  • Avery: Bridges to Prosperity University outreach coordinator.

Bridges to Prosperity can offer the following services:

  1. Help with assessment trip (submit topographic profile after completion)
  2. Begin prepping the construction site before our arrival
  3. Donated cable from cranes (usually $9000, we'll just pay for shipping and storage)
  4. Design Guidelines
  5. Technical review for final design 4 weeks before breaking ground
  6. Our project goes on their website

Community Descriptions:

EL PORVENIR. Tomas tel 78971768 (walkable from the volunteer house, or 10 minute drive along a different route)  Ellos tienen necesidad urgente de la pasarela nunca ha existido antes y tienen esa problematica en el invierno para que los estudiantes puedan asitir a la escuela.los beneficiados serian unas 20 familias aproximadamente.Ellos no cuentan con ningun datos de medidas o generalidades sobre una pasarela.
They have an urgent need for a footbridge. They have never had one before in the winter it is hard for students to get to school. The beneficiaries will be approximately 20 families. They don't have any data about a footbridge. (June ¿ October)  LAS MESAS. Alfonso Roman 75778609  Ellos tienen dos pasarelas  que fueron construidas por Fumdamer, pero ellospiensan que necesitan mayor refuerzo o mas altura.Numero de familias. 20.  They have two footbridges that were contructed by Fumdamer, but they think they need better reinforcement or more height. 20 families.   EL MATAZANO. Francisco Molina 71652318 (Presidente)  Ellos cuentan con una pasaralela y la necesidad es reparar algunas gradas y pintura para el mantenimiento del hierro.La mayor necesitdad es la contruccion del puente. Con San Juan no pude contactar a nadie!!! si quieren otro tipo de informacion me avisa para preguntarles y enviarla.
They say that they have a footbridge and the need is to repair some steps and paint for the maintanance of the steel. The biggest need is for a vechicular bridge
Couldn't contact anyone in San Juan

Semester Work Expectations

  • Consistently attend weekly meetings
  • 1-2 hours of extra work per week
    -researching bridge designs / construction methods
  • contacting material suppliers
  • funding applications
  • compile a report for CE 185 class
  • prepare 1 El Salvador preso (culture, government, civil war)
  • ETC.

If you want to travel, it depends on 2 things
#Your participation in the project during the semester
#Duke Engage application process

Brief Description of the Pedestrian Bridge

Pedestrian bridge is fairly simple - good introduction to different types of engineering

  • foundations/ soil analysis
  • cable analysis
  • local materials

Don't have to do engineering, lots of logistics and community communication/ organizing to do. Most design work will be taken care of in Dr. Schaad's class. If not in class, still exposed to engineering during the semester to the degree you are comfortable. If you want to be in the class, plan your schedule accordingly. (You can replace CE 25 wit CE 185, upper level structural elective)
Travel Schedule

Tasks for next meeting.
Come with a piece of paper with 2 things written on it:

  1. Fun Fact about El Salvador
  2. 1 Challenge faced by infrastructure projects in the developing world

Choose a type of pedestrian bridge an give a 3 sentence summary of its characteristics and use (resources on bridges to prosperity website: http://www.bridgestoprosperity.org/Resources/bridge-manuals/bridge-manuals.htm)
Is Sunday at 2:30 a good time? (doodle?)