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The Road that needs to be fixed:

For the hardened roadway project, we have two options. First, we can come up with a design for a new road, and leave these plans with the villagers for them to fix the road themselves. Our second option is to plan the mending of the road as a future project, possibly for Summer 2012. This second option is more reasonable because the project seems like it will be quite extensive.

We have come up with a few ideas for how we would like to fix the roadway:

1.    Culvert Bridge


Possible Issues:

-Will the bridge be able to withstand the force of the river over time?

2.    Metal Mesh


Possible Issues:

-Obtaining the material


-How would we incorporate this type of structure into the existing road?


1. Talk to Dr. Schaad about what type of bridge would be best in this location, especially because the river gets so much wider/taller when it rains.

2. Read about building culvert bridges in rural areas


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