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Some Achievements

  • became an organization
  • construction of 42 raised beds for 1400 square feet of growing space
  • built a shed, trellis, water collection system, hoop house, bat house, and bluebird houses
  • planted 18 fruit trees
  • hosted Plants on the Plaza event
  • hosted Pumpkins at the Garden event
  • hosted Anna Lappé (including collaboration w/ UNC, Farmhand, etc)
  • improved garden 'infrastructure' – terracing + improved drainage
  • inoculated three mushroom logs
  • Mycah's presentation to assorted school groups
  • providing composting for the Freeman Center and the Smart Home
  • agreement to sell to Bon Appetit
  • received grants from STARS, Green Grant
  • ran workdays for Eco-Olympics, Round Table, Circle K, assorted frats
  • donated over 30lbs of fresh spinach and veggies to the shelter near the library
  • hosted kids from Guia and taught them about growing and helped them make signs
  • hosted talk and dinner with the wonderful Stephen and Rebekah Hren, authors of "The Carbon-Free Home."
  • presentation for Charlotte Clark's class, Bon Appetit

Program Summary