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Nickipedia is a new resource for the students and by the students on all things related to the Nicholas School of the Environment at Duke University. It is a wiki site, meaning that the content of the site can be edited by lots of different people.  As a Nick School student, YOU can edit pages and create new ones.   Nickipedia is a great tool for organizing student events and navigating life at Duke.  You can read the Nickipedia Mission Statement here.

To start exploring, click on the navigation bar at your left, or the labels index at the bottom.  Visit our Getting Started page when you are ready to start editing!  Alumni are especially encouraged to comment on our pages!  Everyone is encouraged to send us suggestions on how to grow and improve Nickipedia to better serve the Nicholas Community.

Thanks for using Nickipedia!

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FINALLY, A CENTRAL CALENDAR:  Can't get all your social, job-search, and academic dates in place?  Use the Nickipedia Calendar as your one-stop source for information!

COURSE ADVISING PAGES:  A course catalog Written by students, for students -- read opinions by past students on whether a class is right for your career.

RIDE-SHARE LISTINGS:  Use our handy ride calendars to post or sign up for carpools, airport rides, and roadtrip buddies.

STUDENT GROUPS PAGES:  Do you need a homepage for your Nic Student Organization?  Use Nickipedia as your home!


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    Great idea, great site, way to go.