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-->Great Garage & House Moving Sale

1411 North Mangum St. Durham, NC 27701

Sat. May 2, 7:30 am - 11 am

Lots of fun and useful things for sale at great prices. Garden tools, power tools, furniture, antiques, art work, music players, TV/dvd/vcr, high quality books for 50 cents. We are even selling the house - a wonderful pre-war 4bd/2.5 bath bungalow on ½ acre with a great hot tub deck and a lap pool with enclosed party patio!

Check out the great Duke Park neighborhood, get a bargain, buy a house!

All from 7:30 am - 11 am on Saturday May 2

1411 North Mangum St. Durham, NC 27701

This is the one very quiet two-way stretch of North Mangum - just up from Duke Park, off the Roxboro Rd. Exit from 85. 

If you are coming from Duke or Durham get on Markham headed east and turn left onto North Mangum. 

From Cary or Raleigh, get on 147 headed to Durham and get off on Roxboro, headed north (to the right).  Go up Roxboro for about 1 mile, stay on the left and go left when the road forks - as the road turns around take a quick right onto Markham and an IMMEDIATE right onto North Mangum.

Hey all,

   I'm going to be moving and really need to sell my furniture, it's not worth moving it all the way to MA.  These are my items, all prices negotiable!  Pictures are available on my Picasa site:


   1.  Couch $100   Loveseat $75 (as a pair $150):  Both used but in good shape, dark green in color, and lightweight so not a pain to move.

   2.  Kitchen table with 4 chairs $125:  Solid maple butcher block table with with 4 wood chairs with wicker seats, small table perfect for a kitchen eating area.

   3.  SOLD:  Papasan chair $60:  Pier One papasan chair with soft corduroy cushion, tan cushion color.  In great shape and very comfortable!

   4.  SOLD:  Full-size Bedroom set $500:  Full size mattress only 4 years old (Simmons Beautyrest firm with pillow top) with IKEA Hemnes style bedroom set.  Includes bedframe (slat-style so don't need a box spring), 2 bedside tables, and a large dresser.  Wood is pine with a medium dark stain, and I have the original instructions for the bedframe, bedside tables and dresser if needed  (bedframe directions very easy).  Dresser is 19' deep, 39.5' wide and 51.5' tall, stores a lot of clothes! 

    5.  TAKEN:  FREE computer desk and small bookshelf - Got for $100 2 years ago, in good shape but just want to get rid of them so they're yours free!  (no pictures)

    6.  FREE 13" TV (white) with built-in VCR - About 7 years old and still works fine but not worth me moving home (no picture)

     Please contact me, Laura Wittman, at lew14@duke.edu if you're at all interested.  I'd be glad to let you come by and see the item before you commit to buying it.  I'd be wanting to have you pick up the furniture after May 11th but by the 19th when I move out (the closer to the 19th the better).  Remember the prices are definitely negotiable!

2009 MEM Yearbook on sale this week

Fellow Masters:

The 2009 MEM Yearbook will be on sale from 4/28-4/30 (this Tues. Wed. Thurs.) from 11am to 2pm in Hug Commons.  Copies will be $7.00 each.  Each book will be Kinkos-printed on recycled paper, cardstock covers, plastic comb-bound, containing:

- Individual senior photos (MEM's graduating in 2009, or thereabouts)
- Incoming class photos from Orientation (2006, 2007, 2008)
- Senior Superlatives, quotes, games, photos, memories that aren't fit to print, but we're printn'em anyway (don't worry -- we are using the "parent-safe" standard).

Payment MUST be received by 2pm, Thursday.  You have three payment options:
1.  Cash
2.  Check (payable to Benjamin Landis)
3.  PayPal (direct your transfer to benjaminlandis@yahoo.com)

All are welcome to purchase.  All books will be delivered the morning of the Nicholas graduation, May 9th, or will be left in your mailbox for you
to pick up.

Misty-eyed thanks,
Cassie, Ben, Emily, Teagan, Brianna

SENIORS, only about 20 of you are still missing!!!   Follow this checklist by Tuesday 11:59pm:

(1) Email a recent photo of yourself to our address or upload it at the Nickpedia share site: https://wiki.duke.edu/display/nickipedia/Yearbook+Committee

(2) Complete your personal profile here (though we are not taking votes for superlatives any more): http://www.surveymonkey.com/s.aspx?sm=yYlzBzglbUuz2P1paXZWqg_3d_3d

 Got a room already -- thanks for everyone's help!


Duke Recycles will be collecting donation items April 29th - May 12th in various locations on East, West, and Central Campuses.

Check out the calendar for specific dates and times.

Remember don't THROW it away, GIVE it away!!

Donation will be given to local charities. Email for more information

See details here:


New GPSC Reps Needed!

Hi MEM-ers

Just wanted to plant the seed that the Nicholas School will need new GPSC (Grad/Professional Student Council) representatives to attend meetings next year (even over the summer if possible/interested)!  Nicholas School currently has 3 spots on the Council!  Fill them please! 

Ask myself, Jen Snook or Katy Sater about what it's been like.  As for the time commitment it requires...typically you attend a GPSC meeting (dinner provided) once or (if needed ) twice a month.  You can join another campus committee and should attend those meetings; also, it helps if you make the Nich School Student Council meetings (if possible) to keep them in the know if you aren't already a NSSC point person.  After each GA meeting, you pass on the GA meeting minutes/ GPSC News announcements as they are sent out by the GA to you for your constituents.  Lastly, and to keep Nikipedia active and up-to-date, social events/talks/announcements should also be added to the calendar for everyone before the events happen....instead of filling email boxes (apologies that this didn't happen this semester) Hopefully everyone opened GPSC news =)

 It's a great way to be a Duke community member, voice your department's concerns to the GA, be a resource for and to your fellow students, and be the first person to know about issues (such as health care) that come up for graduate students across the board.  Check out the GA website if you've never been!



April 14, 2009

Duke Graduate and Professional Student Council
General Assembly Meeting Agenda
April 14th, 2009

The office of GPSC Vice-President has become vacant.  Nominate yourself or
someone else!

The election will take place on Tuesday, April 21, 2009 at the General Assembly
meeting.   If you wish to submit an optional candidate statement for inclusion
on the GPSC website, please send it to gpsc@duke.edu. All nominees will have 5
minutes to address the General Assembly with 5 minutes allotted for questions.
BOT Elections April 21st
BOT elections will take place next GA on Tuesday April 21 in 0016 Westbrook.
Candidates will get 2 minutes for speeches and 2 minutes for questions.  Send
nominations (of yourself or others) to  yvonne.ford@gmail.com. We will elect 10
students to sit on 6 standing committees of the Duke University Board of
Trustees (BOT).  Any GnP student can run.  The BOT meets 4 times a year and
reps share the GnP perspective with the BOT.  Meetings are typically 2-5pm on
Friday.  More details available at http://gpsc.duke.edu/
Duke-Durham Partnership  Sam Miglarese (sam.miglarese@duke.edu)
Duke?s office of Durham and Regional Affairs and Office of Community Affairs
coordinates the Duke-Durham Neighborhood Partnership and is looking for more
GnP student involvement both in volunteering and in enjoying Durham as a
resident.  Interested in helping this office find out about current GnP efforts
or to get more information about how you can get involved?  Contact Sam or visit http://community.duke.edu for more information.
Recycling Bin Distribution Pilot Program (liz.bloomhardt@gmail.com )
This is a new program, sponsored by GPSC Green Team, Kemel Dawkins, and Campus
services.  Simply sign up for bin, use them, and recycle the material yourself.
  Check GPSC News for Details.  We hope this program will make administration
aware of GnP students? desire for more green options.
Student Life Announcements:                  Contact mgd4@duke.edu with questions
Spring Formal is coming - Friday April 24th! Tickets are only $15 in advance and
$20 at the door and include 2 drink tickets, 6 hours of music by DJ Bobby Hadzor
and free hors d'oeuvres. Ticket Sales are outlined here: http://gpsc.duke.edu/gpscnews/gpsc_spring_formal_ticket_sales
  Community Outreach Announcements:        Contact jennifer.seger@duke.edu with
Cold Stone Ice Cream Fundraiser Wed April 22 7-9pm.  To benefit National
Multiple Sclerosis visit Cold Stone for ice cream.
Sat April 25th 2:30-5:30 Dinner at Durham Rescue Mission Men?s Campus.  Share
a meal with residents and meet other students.
Other Main Actions:
2009-2010 GPSC Budget Accepted.
Basketball Co-Chairs were recognized as officially elected as of April 7th?s
vote that did have quorum.
Policy changes to the Basketball Committee were discussed but not yet voted on.
The vote for this matter was tabled indefinitely.
Please see the minutes available at gpsc.duke.edu for more information on any of
the above.

As of 4/21...  This is the brown "raving fans" shirt for $25 that gets you a free chicken sandwich or free chicken nuggets with each visit or drive through, good for now till the end of 2009... (only for the Hillsborough store, though)


I have a 1 BR apartment at North Point Commons available May 1 to August 15th. Rent is $850 and includes cable, internet, and electricity. Please email me (ohb2@duke) if you are interested. Here is more information on the complex: Two Pools with Large Sundecks
Two Lighted Tennis Courts
Beach Volleyball Court
State-of-the-art Fitness Center
Executive Business Center & Media Room
Garages and Storage Areas
Washer and Dryer Connections/Laundry Room
Controlled Access
Garden Tubs
Landscaped Lawns
Pet Friendly

(First Years:  If you are interested in buying a yearbook to remember all us geezers, please RSVP or send questions to this address, so we can gauge demand.)


To the graduating MEM class of 2009 (and all those who entered in Fall'07/Spring'08):

Alas!, the cosmic forces that brought us all together at Duke University for these 21 months are about to propel us to all corners of the globe. A few of your MEM colleagues are aspiring to immortalize our common experience at the Nicholas School of the Environment with the 2009 Master of Environment Management Yearbook! While the wheels of creativity are already turning, the time has come to solicit valuable input from our peers.

For the yearbook to be representative, we need PARTICIPATION from everyone. (That means YOU!) We are asking everyone to complete the electronic survey below detailing personal information, nominations for superlatives and personal quotes as well as sending us a recent photo to include in each person's profile section.

A sense of humor is required for this exercise, and it should take 15-20 minutes of your time for a lifetime of memories! And while some of the content is divine, as typical of most yearbooks, it can get downright corny, but your cooperation is appreciated nonetheless. We would like to profile every member of our class, and examples and a mock layout of the profile section is included in the attached PDF. Please be creative when inventing your own profile!  We welcome any assistance, comments or suggestions as we move forward with this process!

Ok, so now you're interested, but wondering what exactly do you have to do???

Follow this checklist:

  1. Email a recent photo of yourself to memyearbook@gmail.com or upload it at the Nickpedia share site:
  2. Complete the online survey about personal information, nominations for superlatives, and quotes.
  3. And if you want to go the extra mile:  Volunteer to do a photo collage or contribute photos of your student group, Green Devils team, or academic exploits (forest management, wetlands field trips, western field trip, energy smooze fests in San Fran and Houston).

You can expect reminder emails. Personal reminder phone calls may be made.
Random house visits could occur in drastic measures.


We will be taking orders for yearbooks next week (expected costs $7-10) and will distribute them at graduation (so we can have yearbook signing frenzy post-graduation ceremony!).

A very sincere thank you,

The Yearbook Committee

DC Summer Housing

I'm currently looking for DC housing for mid-May through Aug 1 or Mid-August, and would be interested in looking cooperatively with people interested in sharing a sublet.  There's plenty of sublets available, but there's defintely more choices if you are ready to sublet multiple rooms.  Let me know if you're interested - bcc13.  Thanks!

The Forest Guild will be holding an informal, introductory meeting. All students, staff, and faculty interested in forestry and related natural resource disciplines are invited to meet with Forest Guild member Bruce White and learn about Guild projects and programs and the many benefits of Guild membership.

April 21, 1:30pm


Pizza and drinks will be provided!

Learn about the many benefits of Guild membership including:

   Career network of like-minded individuals dedicated to excellent forestry.

   Help to shape timely, essential stewardship policies and practices.

   Professional development opportunities at national, regional, local meetings, and field sessions.

   Free student membership

The Forest Guildis a national organization of foresters and associated resource professionals whose mission is to promote ecologically, economically, and socially responsible forestry - excellent forestry - as a means of sustaining the integrity of forest ecosystems and the human communities which depend upon them. The Guild is headquartered in Santa Fe, New Mexico, with regional offices in California, Massachusetts, and Tennessee. Now more than ever, forested ecosystems are facing a wide range of threats including climate change, unsustainable biomass harvesting, destruction of habitat, invasive pests, and forestland conversion and fragmentation. The Forest Guild is actively addressing these issues through ecologically, economically, and socially responsible forest management practices - excellent forestry. The Guild recognizes the vital link between higher learning and the forestry profession in developing the skills necessary to manage forests with stewardship values that will facilitate excellent forestry in perpetuity.  

Today's academic programs often combine silviculture with subjects like Economics, Sociology, Watershed Sciences, and Restoration Ecology. The Guild is an organization where students can learn how this interdisciplinary knowledge transfers into practice. Bridging the gap between academia and a career can be difficult, and the Guild's training and networking capacity serves to fulfill that role. As one student recently described, "The Guild teaches the practice of putting the forest first in real-life situations"

Wanted - PC computer

I'm looking to buy a PC desktop or laptop that will run MS Word and Excel.  I really don't need anything fancy, there's just some stuff that I can't do on my Macbook and I'd rather not buy a new computer if anyone has an old one laying around.

Email me if you have anything.



Clean Title
8000 miles
New Tires
K&N Air Filter
WOLO Bad Boy Air Horn
BackOff Brake Light Modulator
F16 Sport Shield Windscreen
Original and Bar End mirrors
Tank wrap
Cargo Net
Bike Cover
Great condition - Red and Black


Email: scn7@duke.edu for questions/pictures


My boyfriend and I are looking for a 1-2 bedroom apartment or house to ourselves. We want to be close to campus or at least near bus/trails/shops. Please let me know if you have any info.  ask24[at] duke.edu