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The Nicholas School Energy Club is calling for nominations for club officers for the Fall 2009 term. The following positions will last for the Fall 2009 term and then new elections will be held in December/January for a year-long term.

Positions Available:

o    Director (another director will be elected from the incoming first-year class next fall): 
      Oversee all functions and assure smooth operation of the club; ability to call meetings; coordinate overall events and strategy

o    Finance Director:
      Manage finances and budget of the club

o    Documentations Director:
      Take notes at meetings; maintain club email list, create and organize schedule of events; maintain event archive

o    Webmaster:
      Upkeep of Nikipedia page; if needed, help Documentation Director with club email list

Please send your nominations to Beth Conlin (bcc13) before Monday April 13th.



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