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The First Southeastern Water Trails Forum

October 29-30, 2009
Chattanooga Marriott
Chattanooga, TN

Submission Deadline - MAY 15, 2009

Presentations are being solicited for the Southeastern Water Trails Forum. Oral presentations are sought for both motorized and non-motorized water trails. The goals of this first of a kind, regional symposium are: 1) to enhance the development of local water trails and state programs, 2) to showcase the economic and tourism benefits of water trails, 3) to showcase successful initiatives as templates for new organizations, 4) to address water trails management challenges, 5) to enhance linkages among regional and inter-state trails, and 6) to discuss the development of a regional mapping web service for southern water trails promotion.

Presentations themes:

  • Water Trails Basics: The nuts and bolts of establishing a water trail. Who does what? How are they funded? 
  • Technical Assistance & Innovative Tools: What tools and assistance are available to starting and maintaining water trail programs?
  • Water Trails Success Stories: Lessons learned from those who have built successful water trails.
  • Construction and Maintaining Water Trails: Sustainable building approaches, access sites, signage, long term maintenance, etc.
  • Marketing and Mapping Water Trails: A session showcasing marketing and mapping campaigns for water trails promotion.
  • Economic Benefits of Water Trails to Local Economic Development: A session showcasing the role of water trails on tourism and local economic development.
  • Water Trails Funding: Innovative funding approaches to local water trails development.
  • Other Cutting Edge Water Trail Topics
  • No Posters accepted, only oral presentations.

Please submit a 1-page presentation proposal. Include your Name, Contact Information, Title and brief Description of your presentation (not to exceed 300 words) and AV needs.

Invited presenters may be asked to submit a 2-4 page abstract as part of the final electronic proceedings.

Submission deadline by May 15 to kd@southeastwaterforum.org.To be a conference sponsor: co@southeastwaterforum.org  / 615-562-1960


  1. Anonymous

    I would like to know the details of the presentations.

    Thanks& regards,


  2. Anonymous

    Are there any more details regarding the upcoming forum on October 29th and 30th? Any news on time or specific schedules would be appreciated.

    Rob, bingo articles