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Blog from June, 2009

I have a space to rent for a student who arrives/comes back to Durham early, in prior to the fall semester and who looks for a temporary room.

I come back to the room in late August when school begins. 

Second floor of Campus walk apt (near west campus, 10 min walk to Nicholas building), from end July to late August. Rent around $200 incl. Wifi and utility.

3 bedroom apt with 1 bathroom, living room and kitchen, two trustful Americans (age 26 male and age 40 female) are living there.

For those who have an interest,  contact me Akiko@2nd yr MEM . Thank you. 


  • If you haven't done so already, take ALL pre-requisites before school starts! If you can't complete them over the summer, only complete them at Duke as a VERY LAST resort.  Undergraduate classes at Duke are typically extremely challenging. 
  • Placement tests (calculus and statistics) given during orientation are not that bad, and don't really prohibit you from taking the classes you need. No need to stress. We do suggest that you do some review beforehand.  Enrollment Services will tell you more and there is plenty of useful info about the tests on the the [Nicholas School Website|http://nicholas.duke.edu/people/students/advising/stat-calc-placement.html].
  • Be aware that some classes are only offered every other year.
  • Be sure to pay attention to notices about professors who will be on sabbatical so you can plan accordingly.
  • Be aware that there are alternatives to some required classes (i.e. [Stats|https://wiki.duke.edu/display/nickipedia/STAT512+-+Statistics]) at other schools and students have had very positive experiences
  • Start checking your Duke email ASAP over the summer. You can forward your Duke emails to another account.  Students have recommend doing this as there are times when the Duke Server is down and you cannot access your email for a number of hours.

Student Life:

  • We encourage everyone to join FOREM. You can still participate in FOREM events if you're not a member, but it'll cost you more money compared to the one-time annual membership fee.
  • New tradition: Second year students are organizing a [camping trip for all students |http://www.nicholas.duke.edu/people/students/admitted/orientation-week/2010-camping-trip-form] on August 20-22th.  Arrive early so that you can settle in and attend this fun trip!   
  • Reserve your locker early - there are not enough lockers for everyone.
  • Arrive early to get settled in so that you can take advantage of all the social opportunities during orientation week- it is a great way to make new friends.
  • Campout- this Duke tradition is a way to get basketball tickets. Campout will be held October 1-3, 2010   
  • www.triangle.com- good way to find restaurants and bars in the area.
  • There is a community fridge, microwave and toaster available for everyone. Please be courteous and clean up after yourself.

Housing and Transportation:

  • There is plenty of housing here for all budgets. Email a current student to ask about living in different areas of Durham or go to the [Community Housing|http://communityhousing.duke.edu/] website for useful information. You can also subscrive to the community [housing listserv|http://communityhousing.duke.edu/].  
  • You can get a parking permit when you get here but you should put your name on the wait list now. You will park far away from the NicSchool(at least a 15 minute walk).  The only way to guarantee a spot in Circuit Lot (closest to the NicSchool) is to carpool.  Visit [Duke Parking|http://parking.duke.edu/] for more information. 
  • [SafeRides |http://siren.auxserv.duke.edu/parking/saferides/serviceboundaries.htm]is a free transport service offering on-demand van rides to students. They will give you rides from campus areas from 5pm to 7am. (919) 684-7233. Make sure to live within the boundaries of SafeRides service, especially if you won't have a car.  
  • We encourage you to ride your bike to school, but please note that some Durham roads are not the most bike-friendly, i.e. not well-lit, no shoulder in many places.  A number of students bike commute all year long.  If you [register as a bike commuter|http://www.parking.duke.edu/alternative_transportation/bicycling/index.php] with Duke Transportation they will give you 24 day passes that you can use when the weather is poor.  Check out [Durham Biking|http://www.bikewalkdurham.org/BPAC_resources.html#Schools] for more information. 
  • All graduate students can park on Campus between 5pm-7am and on weekends, regardless if you have a parking permit or not.
  • [Durham Area Transit Authority (DATA)|http://data.durhamnc.gov/Index_DATA.cfm] and [Triangle Transit Authority (TTA)|http://www.triangletransit.org] are local bus services. 
Camping Trip!

Welcome to the information portal for the first annual Nicholas Back to School Camping Trip!

First and foremost - please RSVP to the event by filling out this reservation form.  RSVPs are due by Friday, July 31st to reserve your spot.

Details about the trip:

What: The Back to School Camping Trip is a brand new component of the incoming student orientation at the Nicholas School.  The week before orientation begins, all incoming and returning students are invited to camp out in Duke Forest for a night of games, delicious local food, and an opportunity for all students to get to know each other.  On Saturday morning, participants can partake in a field skills workshop of their choice, and afterward students will be invited for a hike/swim at Eno River State Park.

When: The camping trip is scheduled for the Friday and Saturday BEFORE the Nicholas School New Student Orientation.  Activities will begin at 4:30pm on Friday and end at 2pm on Saturday (August 14-15)

Where: The Camp Site is located at Troy Couch Farm in Duke Forest, only a few miles from campus.

Why: To provide all new and returning students with an opportunity to meet new friends, learn new skills, and to get to know the great North Carolina wilderness.

Who: Open to all incoming and returning students.

Question?  Comments?  Concerns?  Email Meg Giuliano at meg35@duke.edu

Incoming CEM taking Con Bio in Beaufort this summer still looking for a place to stay while doing so.

Extremely flexible, I'd be happy with anything form renting a room you won't be using yet to chipping in in exchange for a couch...

reach me via email, all help greatly appreciated. 

can't seem to make that email link work, so hcc8 it is.

Thanks, Henry.

¿Beaufort carpool needed

Hi, is anybody going to Beaufort for a weekend at some point? Please let me know. Many thanks! Max (mcl11@duke.edu)

FOR RENT: Lovely 4 room guest house on gated property in Bahama about 12 miles north of Durham. Rent is $450/month and includes gas and water. Utilities to be paid by tenant are electric and telephone and/or cable. Includes, dishwasher, washer and dryer. Tenant needs to feed geese- food provided.
CONTACT: Elizabeth Gillis at  832-545-3129 or egillis at rice.edu

4 room guest house

Beautiful Guest House for Rent to a Lucky Grad Student*

I am just the messenger, not the contact person-Karen Kirchof


FOR RENT: Lovely 4 room guest house on gated property in Bahama about
12 miles north of Durham. Rent is $450/month and includes gas and
water. Utilities to be paid by tenant are electric and telephone
and/or cable. Includes, dishwasher, washer and dryer. Tenant needs to
feed geese- food provided.
CONTACT: Elizabeth Gillis and 832-545-3129 or egillis@rice.edu

Bahama Guest House/Cottage 1

Bahama Guest House/cottage 2

Central Open Living/Office Space