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Blog from August, 2009



Our team is still in pursuit of a swimmer for this weekend! My car and bike rack also have room for another rider so let me know if you need a ride down.  I have already registered for a 3 person team for $75, so it'll only be a $25 cost.  Email me at joseph.grinnell@duke.edu if interested.


 Please let me know if you're taking calculus at NC State this semester, I am looking for someone that might be able to carpool.


Thanks a lot!

Fresh Seafood!

DukeFish, a student group in Duke's Nicholas School of the Environment, is proud to launch Walking Fish CSF, a community-supported fishery - the first of its kind in the southeastern United States.

A CSF is similar to a community-supported agriculture (CSA), except it delivers seafood instead of vegetables. Similar to a CSA, our members pre-pay for a weekly 'share' of fresh, locally harvested seafood over a 12-week 'season'. Just as CSAs can encourage sustainable and profitable farming practices, CSFs have the potential to do the same for fishing.

Walking Fish CSF will begin deliveries through its pilot project in September. We will provide an assortment of fresh, high-quality seafood, including species like summer flounder, triggerfish, spot, black drum, and hard clams. Our seafood will showcase the diversity and flavor of North Carolina's fisheries while providing a framework for discussing issues, challenges, and opportunities facing North Carolina's local fisheries.

Many share options are available based on quantity, frequency of delivery, and the amount of preparation. The first CSF pick-up will occur on Thursday, September 17th, between 4:00-6:00 pm at the Sarah P. Duke Gardens main parking lot. (Please note: this is a different day of the week than the Mobile Market CSA pick up.)

For a more information on share options and a full delivery schedule, or to sign up for Walking Fish CSF, visit www.walking-fish.org

Currently, U.S. fishermen face a variety of challenges including environmental change, aging fish processing infrastructure, unstable costs, and competition from foreign imports. By joining Walking Fish CSF, you can help support North Carolina's local fishermen and encourage ecological stewardship of our fisheries and oceans.

To learn more about our mission and goals, or to find recipes, species history, and fishermen profiles, visit www.walking-fish.org.

We look forward to your participation,


Spirituality & Ecology Discussion

The Pathways program of Duke Chapel is offering a special group for students, grad and undergrad, who are interested in exploring the relationship of faith and ecology, especially as these two interface with the ecological crisis and environmental careers. This informal group will discuss how religious and spiritual values may inform, inspire, and motivate attitudes and behaviors in relation to the natural world, with a view toward helping students discern their own sense of "calling" or vocation to care for the earth. No particular religious background is assumed or required, nor do the participants have to be pursuing environmental studies. We will begin during the second week of September, meeting on a schedule to be determined by the participants. The group will be facilitated by Dr. Ted Purcell, a campus minister who teaches a spring class on Spirituality & Ecology at the Nicholas School of the Environment.

For more information or to indicate your interest, please email him
tedlpurcell@aol.com <tedlpurcell@aol.com>) or call (490-6401).

The Neuse Riverkeeper Foundation Triathlon is quickly approaching. Still looking for team members? Or looking for a ride? Look here for others in the same boat as you. Contact me if you have any questions/concerns etc. mkl13@duke.edu

Need a desk?

It turns out there's no room in my bedroom for the desk that I brought with me.  It's an Ikea desk I bought at a yard sale for 60$, and I've used it for a year since then.  In good shape, has a large table surface for working, 3 drawers, and 2 cubby-hole areas.  I'll sell it to you for $30 (price negotiable). 

Let me know if you're interested: jlm85@duke.edu, or 617-990-4052.



I'm trying to get to Saluda, NC for labor day weekend (ideally thursday afternoon to Sunday evening).  If you are driving that general direction I'd love to hop in and pitch in for gas money, etc -- even if it is just one way.  I have friends in that area that can come pick me up from where-ever our paths diverge.  My net ID is nat8.  Please get in touch if this might be a possibility.  Thanks a lot! 

 Nicole Tocco

Toasters Available


the oven is gone, slot toaster remains in need of a good home...

We have an extra fairly beat up but functional white toaster oven and a two slot drop-in toaster.  Free if you come by and pick them up.  $5 each if you want me to bring them in to campus.

 email hcc8 if interested.

I have a full sized matress that's 2 years old and clean.  I bought it when I moved down to duke in 07, now Im gradumacted and don't want to return to durham to get it. I bought it for about 370 if i remember correctly but would be willing to part with it for $250. Frame included.

I also have a desk and bookshelf avaialable.  The desk is 4 years old, purchased a target.  It is large enough for my desktop computer (48"X28" rough estimate), and can be dissassembled pretty easy for transportation.  It is free to whoever wants it.  Same with the bookshelf.  Its about 2.5 ft tall, 3.5 feet wide, has 3 shelves, not heavy, and free.  At least come check the stuff out, its only 5 minutes from west campus.  Call 203-494-2611, or  Email Me

Josh Unghire

Couch, chair and ottoman for sale.  No rips, no stains in great condition.  All for $200.  Please contact Joe at scarf002@duke.edu or 919-613-8073, 919-477-8857.