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The Neuse Riverkeeper Foundation Triathlon is quickly approaching. Still looking for team members? Or looking for a ride? Look here for others in the same boat as you. Contact me if you have any questions/concerns etc. mkl13@duke.edu


  1. Anyone looking for some super awesome teammates for the triathlon?!?  Well the bestest first/second year combo is in need of a swimmer.  If you're interested in debauchery and a ride to Beaufort, send an email to me or firstie Andrew Dietrich.   

  2. I'm in pursuit of a swimmer and another teammate for one of the remaining legs of the triathalon, preferrably the 2.5 mile run.  My car and bike rack also have room for another rider so let me know if you need a ride down.  I have already registered for a 3 person team for $75, so it'll only be a $25 cost. Email me at joseph.grinnell@duke.edu if interested.

  3. Anonymous

    Heya. So, I'm signed up to do the triathlon. I'd like to do all three legs, or join a team to do any leg but swimming. (Is everyone looking for a swimming person because they similarly like swimming the least?) I suppose I could do swimming if you're in dire straights.

    Also, if you don't need a teammate, but have room in your car for me, please let me know: jessie.margolis@duke.edu, 617-990-4052.


  4. Anonymous

    Looking to carpool to Beaufort - I'm flexible on arrival, as long as we're there in time for the race, but I need to head back on Saturday night or super early (like 7am) on Sunday.  I can drive or not.  I could also get a ride there but need a ride back as my ride there wants to come back late on Sunday.  abbie.turiansky@duke.edu or 802 999 1648