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Who: Socially Responsible Entrepreneurs
Next deadline: December 4, 2009
Presented by: The William James Foundation
The William James Foundation will match hundreds of sustainable entrepreneurs with reading judges who
will provide detailed feedback, and provide more than $100,000 in cash and in-kind to the top entrants.
Details:  The William James Foundation supports entrepreneurs who are starting for-profit businesses with defined social and/or environmental goals. We can best help entrepreneurs who are passionate about their expertise (e.g. renewable energy, sustainable agriculture, moving people out of poverty, etc.) but are new to starting their own for-profit business. These entrepreneurs come from all over the world, and range from teenagers starting a community business to PhDs with multi-million dollar ideas for renewable energy.
We provide this help through a Socially Responsible Business Plan Competition. Entrants start by submitting a short executive summary (no more than five pages) by December 4th, 2009. Almost all entrants will receive an average of ten pages of constructive feedback per plan per round. This feedback comes from our pool of hundreds of experts from the worlds of finance, academia, in-the-field practice, and other entrepreneurs. This is an excellent opportunity for entrepreneurs to learn from those who have successfully combined their passion for a better world with the rigor of financial sustainability. The top entrants will also have a shot at dozens of prizes that are together worth more than $100,000. Please visit www.williamjamesfoundation.org/criteria to see who can enter and how to do so.
Full details on the competition can be found at www.williamjamesfoundation.org. A short handout covering criteria, entering, and prizes is at www.williamjamesfoundation.org/entrant.doc.
See a list of more than 40 similar competitions at www.williamjamesfoundation.org/competitions.

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