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It was a normal afternoon and I was sitting in Hug Commons as I always do when a loud bang startled me.  I thought it was the new furniture imploding due to its own ugliness, but to my disbelief I found myself staring through a portal into a jungle.   Suddenly I heard gunshots behind me and before I knew it I was taken hostage by a group of 1920's gangsters who had decided to use me as leverage against the police chasing them after their semi-successful bank robbery.  They pulled me through the portal and I found myself with...


Costume Instructions:

Option 1:  1920's Gangster or Flapper Girl

Option 2:  Jungle Animal

Party details:

Date:  Saturday, November 7th

Time:  9:30pm-2:00am

Place:  Dan's Attic 
We will have a SUPER SPECIAL LIVE BAND from 10:00 to 11:00 so try to make it out early if you can!

DJ for the rest of the time with music varying from the 80s to hip-hop.

There will be jungle juice as the main beverage with beer for games as well.

Please help us out with a 5$ donation at the door as jungle juice is much more expensive than beer